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Rent bargain ability promotes harbor estate to invest fund foreground to value

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Point to in the constant of epicycle in dropping, the estate on Hong Kong market invests fund (REITS) fail ” of “ pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, begin to go low along with big city. Nevertheless, cast think all right, because yield reachs promotion of rent bargain ability, its invest foreground to still be worth to expect.

Cast value REITs all right

The near future, the REITs on Hong Kong market farsighted rich estate fund and get collect estate fund performance is good, go against city to still have many going up. Nevertheless, epicycle constant points to drop to have not little effect to its, two fund all see coping, have low tendency. And other estate fund follows big city was moved toward low, jump over show and sunshine among them two fund show nominal to arrange, go situation is relatively difficult.

Nevertheless, lei Man's brother published research report to say a few days ago, maintain Hong Kong house property to invest fiducial fund (REITs) and close hire a “ to add hold ” grade, advocate because be yield and rent bargain ability,promote. Should express all right, although fear American economy may appear,ebb, but think this makes seek actual get one's own back more important instead, and get collect, constant of average tower above points to the dividend yield of Guan Jun Ji Hongfu 3% . Be based on Hong Kong tenant to be signed normally 3 years period the contract that rent, this decides conduce lessor hire income with more advantageous condition lock.

Triumphant base Cai Tiekang also expresses negotiable securities researcher, the discretion of rent profit is estate of investment Hong Kong the index with fiducial the mainest fund. Guan Jun industry is at present fiducial property of the annulus in having, hire is taller, accrual is more reliable. And get collect estate fiducial fund is governmental property originally, change now by private management, administrative efficiency rises, also be valued. He still points out, the discretion of hire basically depends on supply and demand, also concern with area at the same time, the area hire that demand exceeds supply often taller.

Travel chairman Liang Zhenying expresses Dai Deliang, estate invests fiducial foundation is the trend of market of Hong Kong investment, he thinks REITs is covered to develop business to offer show channel, and the group interest rate of REITs is higher, receive the citizen of breath to be attracted very to many hopes. Liang Zhenying expresses, look from supply angle, REITs offers a way that buys outright property to expand business, can cover show fund, and look from the angle of demand, the citizen if with millions yuan purchase a property, still should spend time to close hire, maintenance, and uptodate development business breaks “ of an office building ” is a lot of, average citizen also can invest, and group interest rate is very high.

Liang Zhenying thinks, REITs or likelihood relatively investment is certain the stock is idealer, because of invest a stock or want concern to collect money, the camp that also wants anxious company sometimes carries direction and business of main battalion motion are changed, if the main attack when partial company raise capital by floating shares is landed, but later can change. He expresses, REITs at Singapore already popular, the citizen can pass through a bank easily automatic ATM has business.

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