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Beijing Olympic Games is short price of the excessive that rent a house is exorb

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These days, in Song Zhixin quite restless static.

All prices that come from Olympic Games weak point to hire room market are fluctuant.

Song Zhi regards abstruse house as the manager of the net, established 2007 this website. See not hard from website nominally, this is the website that a special hope offers the intermediary that rent a house serve during the Olympic Games.

However so far, song Zhi make it many 20 Olympic Games is short-term business of the intermediary that rent a house.

Songzhi alls alone through Google search engine undertakes advertisement puts in, the effect that tens of thousands of yuan investment changes is not big. House of this 20 flatlet has 7 Chengdu probably is to come from abroad tourist to be hired.

In fact, the situation that Song Zhi faces is not a case.

The short market that rent a house is experiencing Beijing whole Olympic Games the case that “ has valence not to have city ” , rise abruptly of the hotel in great quantities as business affairs, its safety, healthy dominant position gets the favour of abroad tourist. And those who expect to get sudden huge profits is short hire a room to show exhausted state slightly on the contention of passenger source, accordingly can hold a memorial ceremony for goes out depreciate ” of “ a magic weapon, the hope has last fight.

Space of price of 10 times excessive?

The reporter understands, at present in the market, had facilitated according to traffic the gender, distance with Olympic Games place 2 big factors, hire Olympic Games weak point the room to differentiate for A, B, C, D4 grade.

Come so, to sell the Ya Yun Cun of the dot periphery with bird's nest the building became hot area. And the focus that the house of Olympic Games basketball that is located in 5 pines also is fan attention likewise. In the meantime, song Zhi also paid close attention to the place group effect of academic road.

The short information renting a house that so abstruse house net provides, also center in 5 road of Ya Yun Cun, institute, pines 3 large area.

“ we this is highest quote is 100 Duopingmi's houses a month 150 thousand. In the inn of building intermediary door of doorway of the village in Huizhong of ” Ya Yun Cun, a staff member tells a reporter.

And the Li Da's Mom that lives around national stadium is the closest also the busy house oneself decorates the style that suits foreign tourist to live, even she affixed English mark on a few small appliance.

She tells a reporter, ferial price of this house hack is 3000 yuan / month, she hopes 15 days of the Olympic Games to reach 3000 dollars / month.

In fact, the very much short owner that rent a house expects to earn brushstroke through Olympic Games firm.

According to ABCD4 grade, industry had hired a room to form to expect excessive price to Olympic Games weak point. 4 grade part 10 times more corresponding, 7 times, 5 times, 2-3 the excessive price space of times.

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