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College graduate wishs " resides " alone the outer experience that rent a house

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Latter reporter interviews discovery, after many college graduate leave school yard, this city lifts a “ to reside athletic ” alone now. Their him some hires a room to live, some and a few friends close hire, in the house that also parents of occupy of small number of people is purchased for them, experiencing ahead of schedule live the life alone.

Had graduated fast Xiaotang of a year, university 4 years the school leaves home very close, because this dormitory was become temporarily hotel, major while is to come home eat, and the university graduates he with respect to the 3 rooms from the home two hall moved the small family that has 30 square metre only model in. At first, he fears the parent can object the “ plan ” that he lives independently, of unexpected is, parents responded very quickly, only requirement is weekly end comes home. Later, he goes to work in the unit by day everyday, eat midday in the unit, house of go with rice of a few friends always goes up to have a meal about after coming off work in the evening, go table tennis hall plays table tennis, drink on a few cups to bar, play midnight two 3 o'clock is often. Such, income of a month has the Xiaotang of more than 2000 only, the multinomial expenditure such as cost of the cost renting a house in facing independent life, water and electricity, call cost, dinner party cost begins not apply goes out.

Of course, the person that also one part “ resides athletic ” alone lives “ to reside life ” alone partly merely, they still come home the ” of “ happiness life that eats the meal that parents cooks, dirty clothes to bring back parental home to wash. ” of the person that normally such “ lives the life alone partly can call tell parents to go back today have a meal, and in the Home “ ” that oneself return after eating a meal, see telecine recreational, or it is online game chatting pastime, just often sleep to the late night.

To this, sociological expert thinks, when many children that never had left beside parents should arrive to be able to reside the age of the life alone, can longing experiences the desire that lives alone, they live to a person or be right the life that does not have check was full of “ curiosity ” . To this, the parent need not excessive prevent, can give them certain space, let them experience the “ hardships ” that lives the life alone, help them accumulate a few experience in the life as soon as possible in seeking independence, the pay that for instance conduct financial transactions, water and electricity expends, sanitation that occupy the home and cook. And the freedom in if they are to seek independence only,living, put attention overly on recreation, the parent is about to offer control and seasonable guidance.

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