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The Olympic Games is rented anticipate exorbitant hire to Olympic Games weak poi
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Passed June, ever leased the owner that gives great expectations to the Olympic Games people begin to recieve probably rent the client beyond except the Olympic Games. According to the anticipation of the beginning of the year, the Olympic Games is rented should control in July enter a climax, but as contrary as the anticipation of the market is, what the Olympic Games rents heat and did not imagine is so good. Once heated up fry rented intermediary firm to also begin to look weak this business. Because owner is rented to the Olympic Games,analysing a reason basically is anticipate exorbitant, additional, the Olympic Games is rented clinch a deal under the counter much, intermediary company is operated hard to this kind of short-term business that rent.

■ the Olympic Games is rented begin to return to reason

Bandit gentleman just is located in him Ou Liu classical the house of a building was hired go out, “ month hire 5000 yuan, the person that will see a room is not little, decorate to the hire of the house and essence mostly express satisfaction, 91 smooth rice, clothbound are repaired, be in this one area or have allure very much. House of gentleman of ” representative bandit rents the intermediary company clerk of business to express.

As we have learned, bandit gentleman entrusts this house the time of intermediary not to grow, because distance Ya Yun Cun is not very far, the person that near future of this one a sector of an area sees a room is very much, a lot of owner raised rent, want to be in the Olympic Games when win a good cheer head, but bandit gentleman chooses to rent smoothly.

My house just thinks “ to be hired quickly, have rent smooth and steadily unlike what strong ah, hear Olympic Games chummage can go up now fivefold and decuple, I very doubt, go up to this price without reason at all, in case encounter what risk to moment, still not be to get oneself to bear. ” bandit gentleman says.

Be located in outstanding a sector of an area, room source so high grade, why bandit gentleman is so overcautious, is refus Olympic Games short hire at the door outside?

The explanation that personage of analysis of research center of market of ten million home gives out is, have at present very big one part person is rented to the Olympic Games whether fervent support distrustful attitude, do not agree with to the price especially, because the Olympic Games causes chummage to go up fivefold and decuple, this has some of explanation to be illogical quite. This part crowd rents the market to having relatively rational knowledge to the building, look be like “ to guard ” , solid for rigorous, they also are to observe at present short those who hire market prospect is delicate, just make the careful decision that rent.

■ intermediary turns to the Olympic Games manner that rent cold

“ we are rented to the Olympic Games now hold very careful manner ” , pine of Yo of gold of vise general manager of catenary home real estate expresses, catenary home real estate is the beginning of the year the intermediary firm that in Beijing amount to Olympic Games of much not more active follow-up hires business, we are very careful also when “ begins, the hire that gives owner is 3 times month hire of the left and right sides, no matter whether is the house hired,go out, we should give this hire, but in light of now, if can be hired,go out half month, the hire ability of sixfold above when we need Fu Ping is protected this, the Olympic Games is rented calculate with day, pressure compares big ” .
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