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Urban youth hopes the room is promoted sigh the room that rent ferries into the
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“ well-off, the key sees housing ” , housing problem, attention of the whole people. “ is saved in Zhejiang in the draft resolution library of two meetings ” , the 93 draft resolution that learn a company " build perfect housing to rent a system, dissolve problem of difficult ” of housing of town dweller “ " be clicked by media reporter high-frequency.

One, income of difficult problem —— is not low it is very difficult to buy a house

Urban youth “ hopes the room is promoted sigh ”

A few paragraphs are picked from the character in draft resolution, can show the vexed ” after without the room poineering youth “ grows quite. “ Zhejiang saves a government with place administer 11 municipal government signed ’ of shape of ‘ military orders in November 2007, affirm what housing of family of urban low income guarantees the job to quantify index: In 2008 year, zhejiang province cheap hires housing to will be ensured 1. 11.51 million, economy is applicable room new go into operation 313. 10 thousand square metre. ”

“‘ cheap hires room ’ system can local the housing problem of difficult masses in solving population of town census register, cannot enclothe current town completely to need the whole crowd of housing, comparative especially youth of town comfortable marriage and introduced professional, also cannot enclothe what make enormous contribution for progress of Zhejiang province economy, society is ab extra the member that lay a worker. ”

“ actually, can not afford housing in still including to be not population of town census register often live population, and the amount in population of town census register is considerable 70 hind, 80 hind youth, from owe develop the professional that the area introduces, the youth of town obtain employment that school of old technical secondary school just graduated. Year of their income perhaps cannot calculate crowd of ’ of ‘ low income, but the price of commodity room room that does not leave high to residing, they can ‘ hopes the room is promoted sigh ’ . ”

2, cheap of the ——“ that solve a problem hires room ” to expand rent room ” for “

The force compose of market whole society builds “ gradient to consume ”

Face difficult problem, there is a point of view in draft resolution, offend eye —— to hire “ cheap quite room ” concept is patulous rent room ” for “ . Proposal proposal, while the government is building “ cheap to hire room ” , still should make program and favourable policy, build jointly with social force comparative ” of apartment of handler of profession of ” of ” of “ talent apartment, “ white-collar apartment, “ , “ is lone building of an affectionate couple of apartment ” , “ (room of marriage of have enough to meet need) ” , “ is lone worker of worker dormitory ” , “ . Additional, as ab extra the member that lay a worker becomes the labour force source with a lot of main field, also need so ab extra often live population brings into housing to guarantee a system.
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