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"80 hind " buys room classics: After wait-and-see Olympic Games ends, move first
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I think “ first wait-and-see one, when after the Olympic Games ends, depend besides. ” is in Xidan square, big head of 26 years old tells a reporter, if arrive when house price fell, wait a moment again; If continue to go up, buy immediately.

Good-paying person the trouble that buy a house

Big head is one of millions of outside people that work in Beijing, income is returned actually pretty good. If calculate all economic origin,go up, one year income is in 120 thousand yuan of above. Nevertheless, big head or very angst, basically be to buy a house.

Had done not have inside 5 annulus under the house of 10 thousand. “ that is to say a month earns my work laboriously the money that come still buys house of one square metre not quite. Outside ” own job, big head still has triplet part-time job. Besides the job medium dinner party is mixed get together constantly with the friend, daily cost project does not abound macrocephalic, because need assemble money.

“ is more insufficient than going up, more superabundant than falling. ” he comforts himself with this word. Big head understands he is a lucky person, this world has the money earn of a lot of people to work hard than him.

Before the Olympic Games first wait-and-see

Big requirement that buys a house is very simple: House not likely should be bought new, but place scarcely should exceed 5 annulus, had better be inside 4 annulus; Area also need not too big, 50~80 square metre can be accepted. If want to buy a such houses, the saving that leans big him head only is far insufficient. Not bad, his family circumstances is more bounteous, can pay a house for him head pay.

Nevertheless, big head has not moved. Although come from each square sound,the house price of Beijing won't drop, big head also understands this goes very much situation cannot hold back, but he still chooses to risking the risk with house higher and higher price when the Olympic Games ends.

“ market wave motion is so fierce now, I think first wait-and-see. Anyway not anxious also, when after the Olympic Games ends, depend besides. If house price fell, I am waited a moment again; If house price continues to go up, I am bought immediately. ” is apparent, buy go up not to buy the general psychology that dropping is people.

House property business says

The Olympic Games is the main chance of building city

Chief expresses related 10 thousand divisions, at present estate market is in a reason to adjust level. Reason is adjusted, cannot understand simply to depreciate for “ ” , the mainest is the adjustment of market state of mind.

Pan Shige ever expressed, the Olympic Games is right Beijing building dish the sale is once in a blue moon opportunity, especially those a sector of an area are nice, have inform a spent project higher. 10 thousand divisions also agree with this one viewpoint.
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