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CCTV " economic information broadcast over a radio network " : Olympic Games wea
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At present is apart from the Olympic Games to kick off to have only more than 40 days short, according to expect, beijing Olympic Games is short the market that rent a house should be quite hot. But the reporter's investigation shows however, olympic Games weak point hires a room to present a “ to valence does not have the phenomenon of city ” .

Reporter from Beijing a lot of estate intermediary companies understand, from this year the beginning of the year, hang out his shingle in intermediary company in hack room source, the landlord that has 71.5% insists to rent only by this year June, fortunately 7, rented in August Olympic Games tourist. These devote into the Beijing citizen of the short main forces that rent a house, expecting “ day to enter the ” that fight gold, their hack house everyday hire is in mostly 1000 yuan of above, of unexpected is, olympic Games weak point is hired clinch a deal the quantity did not see improvement all the time however.

Li Yakun of staff member of catenary home real estate

Short rental room should compare in former years for this year many two those who become the 3 comparison that come into owner to be registered more is more also but actual and opposite for do not resemble the imagination is hopeful in that way because of current till the psychological price of owner compares tall client a lot of receive be overcome

Besides intermediary company, ” of abstruse house net also started the orgnaization “ that major is engaged in Olympic Games weak point hiring business recently “5 folds activity of ” of favourable sales promotion, although such, nearly 100 Olympic Games weak point that register in this website at present rent a house in, only 26 are booked. In addition, through Olympic Games of carry out of Internet way without consulting anyone short-term room also is paid no attention to want. The reporter sees from website of a few classification, olympic Games weak point hires trade quantity all the time not tall, have very few number only information indicates “ already clinched a deal ” .

Annals of the Song Dynasty of chief inspector of business of ” of net of “ abstruse house

The anticipation of Olympic Games passenger source at that time is more but will tell what passenger source did not imagine at that time now actually so much

As we have learned, since this year April, beijing economy hotel begins to accept Olympic Games housing large-scaly to book, its are average 1000 yuan competition advantage also lets the value domestic weak point rents a house blank many.