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Beijing Olympic Games is short price of the excessive that rent a house is exorb
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The market condition of Athenian Olympic Games offerred hope to each intermediary, the room of a 2 people rises with 200 euro at that time hire, so they think coequal room source achieves 1500 yuan in Beijing / the day is unchallenged.

The reporter visited a lot of Olympic Gameses the short owner that rent a house, they are unanimous. The vast scope of Beijing Olympic Games, bring very big market demand necessarily. This aroused their passion, accordingly they will hire contract termination for a long time in June 2008.

According to the statistic of catenary home real estate, from this year first, hang out his shingle in Beijing rental Fang Yuanzhong, the landlord that has 71.5% insists to rent only by this year June.

Foreign tourist is the core cause client that Olympic Games weak point leases room owner, because this intermediary had research to the living habit of foreign tourist.

They like “ apartment, traffic advantage, reliable safety assures, good kitchen establishment is used for its etc. Reporter of ambition of ” the Song Dynasty expresses.

Introduce according to him, the Olympic Games weak point that involves foreign tourist hires a room to be able to use Chinese and English bilingual version normally when signing a contract.

The detail that produces issue possibly among them is more be written strictly.

Because cross the difficulty of different land suit of the condition bigger, intermediary hopes owner can buy domestic property insurance, hire one party to be able to buy person safety to be sure.

Occupy Song Zhi to divulge, intermediary people general meeting collection clinchs a deal the information of 15% expends valence.

Besides, the characteristic with the short most outstanding market that rent a house depends on, owner replaces intermediary, the control in becoming price mechanism square.

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