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New office worker is ecbolic " the heat that rent a house " in small family equi
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The reporter visited orgnaization of intermediary of building of Tianjin town much home to understand a few days ago, as season of academical “ graduation ” comes, graduate of this year's college becomes the main force of the building that rent.

According to the staff member introduction of intermediary of a few buildings, the closest period of time, in hire the college graduate of the room to rent a client in the building, occupied quite scale, of price moderate in small family special the favour that gets these new office worker. As we have learned, the small family renting market recently still is most the room source product that gets attention. Among them, lunar hire reachs 1500 yuan in 1000 yuan, the small family that 50 square metre influence rental rate is top. The community room cause with a few better a sector of an area, although room age is older but the attention that still can be begged the person that hire. The person that the following, hire just hanged out his shingle to be able to be begged to hire normally in source of 1000 yuan of the following small family room takes a fancy to 60 square metre and clinch a deal quickly. A staff member that produces intermediary somewhere says when accepting a reporter to interview, compare with photograph of in former years, the student hires a room to have two brighter characteristics this year, on one hand, present student values the establishment of form a complete set all round the building more, for instance should hall of 24 hours of convenience inn, snack and Internet bar wait; To indoor outfit on the other hand buy of make repairs and supply replacements asks to also have certain promotion.

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