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Olympic Games weak point hires house price to begin diving one businessman hits
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Beijing is doneOlympic GamesShortRent a houseOf the businessBusinessmanThe grim situation that faces “ to valence does not have city ” again also cannot apathetic. As we have learned, current, “ Olympic Games is engaged in in Beijing shortRent a houseThe service orgnaization of ” business amounts to a few, this has 45 houses that BOCOG government appoints among themRentBusiness. Room of “ Olympic GamesRentClinch a deal quantity from improvement did not see all the time since last year. ” this is the feedback with consistent orgnaization of representative of a few large houses of Beijing.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, enter this year 2 quarters, tall ” of price “ empty causes Olympic Games of “ of the short market that rent a house to lose effect ” to begin to show. He thinks, building owner anticipates orgnaization of exorbitant, intermediary to hire with multiple the dominant element that the large-scale Olympic Games that start books source of room of Olympic Games of valence sign after receiving sth, economy hotel is an influence.

The reporter calls “21 century today I love praedial ” , “ the orgnaization of other building intermediary such as my home ” . They are in charge of the personage of market operation expressing, olympic Games weak point hires the demand of the room to be not stabilized, depreciate considerably whether bring the to the limit of one's capacity with bigger market, still cannot make an accurate judgement at present.

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