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New politics advisory quantity turns over 2-3 time, the client is wait-and-see s

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On Feburary 18, beijing is built appoint issued " about already buying economy applicable housing appears on the market trade the announcement of concerned problem " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) (the following abbreviation " ask for an opinion to stalk of grain " ) wait for 4 policy, begin fair on the net show seek an opinion; Among them wide those who get attention is secondhand economy is applicable the room appears on the market again policy got making clear in the announcement. After this policy comes on stage, caused the client's attention quickly; According to real estate of “ catenary home ” day understands the center, view that answer dragon inn of nearly 15 doors mirrors two large area, in Feburary 19, , the advisory phone of door inn rings ceaseless almost, advisory quantity turned over 2-3 than usual time; The client that refers to did not make over policy 5 years completely among them occupies 6-7 to become about. Advisory client includes to trading not only the buyers and sellers in the center, preparation buys economy the client of applicable room, also include many hold economy the owner of applicable room people, and a lot of short-term inside the owner that did not offer apiration, also hope to know the effect of new policy.

Although Laofang carries out old way, the share is not full 5 years of owner via comfortable room still the heart puts perturbed

Ask for an opinion to stalk of grain applicable to already buying economy room appears on the market again traded to delimit clearly a borderline: Sign the time of contract of the room that order namely; Already signed contract of the room that order before the announcement is released, carry out by old policy; Just sign contract of the room that order after the announcement is released, carry out by new policy. Current and secondhand applicable room keeps economy community of the Tian Tongyuan with the largest amount, view that answer dragon, development time is early, major secondhand applicable room has mixed economy development business signed the contract that buy a house, obtained house property evidence, appear on the market again what what when trading, carry out is old policy; Accordingly, arrive in advisory understanding after old house old way, full already 5 years of economy are applicable the owner state of mind of the room is opposite relatively quiet, can say a pine at a heat; Not full nevertheless the owner of applicable room of 5 years of economy people general heart puts perturbed, because sell when, the government should undertake counter-purchasing by cost price, and very difficult also like the means that signs ” of contract of “ yin and yang before operation, sell accrual suffers an effect greatly for certain; Because this this part owner pays close attention to the trend of policy very, partial owner expresses to want to wait for a house even sell all right again after 5 years completely, counter-purchase in order to prevent governmental cost price.

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