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The demand that hire carry out all is added go up the capital rents a house seco

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According to Beijing computation of interconnected system of each big manager company occupies an analysis, capitalSecondhand roomHire, carry out demand all is added somewhat go up. Among them, this year during the Spring Festival capitalSecondhand roomBusiness demand bearing goes up than was being added last year 17% the left and right sides, room source hangs out his shingle the volume rises 5% the left and right sides, intent clinchs a deal to rise 10% the left and right sides, be Spring Festival holiday is secondhand in last few years room intent clinchs a deal go up a the biggest year. In the meantime, the owner amount that can make work can be hired to be occupied during the Spring Festival 40% what offer owner, apparent prep above last year of the Spring Festival 30% and this year January 27% of the corresponding period. And the small family that is located in Olympic Games area or gold a sector of an area, average house hire goes up during the Spring Festival outstanding.

1 million yuan / flatlet source

Rise into mainstream demand 29%

The statistical data that gets according to the reporter shows, spring Festival holiday (in Feburary 6-12 day) capital 800 thousand yuan - 1 million yuan / those who cover is secondhand room demand is compared rose during the Spring Festival last year 29% the left and right sides, for each archives secondhand the room goes up most, demand is occupied than achieving 37% . To this, jin Yosong of vise general manager of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, as house property value show ceaselessly, total prices is in 800 thousand yuan - 1 million yuan / set secondhand the room has been become secondhand one of room demand mainstreams. And from the market before the section delicate period in light of market performance, in high-grade and secondhand the “ of the room is fought drop sexual ” increases generally, even what with living oneself demand gives priority to is medium high-grade house property still appeared the situation that price quantity goes against city to rise. Accordingly, during the Spring Festival 800 thousand yuan - 1 million yuan / those who cover is secondhand room demand increases, the postpone of the tendency of the market before since section, also be its become section epigenesis to hand in popular vane.

Area respect, with east, cold heat of southern area “ not all “ of ” , upper section goes up a differ ” have not, during the Spring Festival, western area is secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity is compared went up during the Spring Festival last year arrived 13% above, peremptory form a kind of “ western in all the market phenomenon of flourish circle ” . Stable current rate, high grade client base, relatively room source of the rule appears on the market of rhythm and stability rise in price go situation, become western area shifts to an earlier date after the section the key of get warm again after a cold spell.

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