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The market is rented after the Spring Festival overall analysis, "Fiery " into p
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Market demand expands quickly, the Olympic Games hires a room to be shown ahead of schedule

A few days ago, the reporter visited company of Beijing estate intermediary, I love “ chief tells a reporter related my home ” , the Spring Festival grows false end to come is to rent a crowd to return Beijing in present period of time most centralized time paragraph, hire the first job after the room makes part of ” of main forces of this part “ . The “ fire ” that the market demand that expands quickly makes the renting market of Beijing sound. Additional, section hind finds new job or the job brings into play change the demand that rent a house to also have at ordinary times relatively be increased, and Olympic Games year the nonlocal demand that rent also begins to be shown. Accordingly, with “ hot ” is described today spring the Beijing market that rent has been been not at all.

One house and small two house are heat room source, demand exceeds 30%

The Spring Festival is rented fervent begin formally from Feburary 13, the client that rent is apparent grow in quantity, increase stage by stage to the demand of all sorts of room sources. Pass half month rent trade, at present the room source of area of Beijing branch heat has demanded exceeds supply apparently. Be like the subway the area of the heat that rent such as area of garden of science and technology of along the line of 5 lines north and south, ZhongGuanCun. More and wonderful content: Safeguard sex housing rejects to develop businessSafeguard sex housing rejects to develop business

I love “ my home ” is passed to going up area region network registers the recieved client that rent to undertake statistic shows, the client place of chummage occupies scale to be in 25% , the most welcome one-room flat and small two room demand is respectively 40% with 30% , and the client demand of 3 house above is occupied about overall 15% the left and right sides.
Relevant staff member introduces area region on, because demand is rented after the section this year,have with in former years relatively substantially rise. Accordingly, a lot of beg the person that hire to cannot be like wish land rent reachs the one-room flat that admire in the heart, can choose only small two house and close with the person rent 3 house. This is this year the room source demand of the spring busy season that rent is proportional metabolic circumstance.

Hire rises significantly, one house goes up the biggest

Compare with photograph of the corresponding period of in former years, building hire had Beijing to rise apparently. Outside moving hire to rise except elevator belt of a few groovy form a complete set, the ” of effect of “ Olympic Games this year is the mainest factor that influence hire rises. Exemple of promising of above ground area, overall hire rise is achieved 25% , among them one-room flat hire goes up the biggest. I love “ my home ” provides this area newest price shows, average house resides hire to be in 1800-2000 yuan / lunar • is covered, apartment is in 2200-2800 yuan / lunar • is covered; Two house are average building hire is in 2300-2600 yuan / lunar • is covered, apartment is in 2800-3600 yuan / • is covered; Average room source rents 3 house above be in 3000 yuan / lunar • is covered, and large family apartment is in 4500-8000 yuan / lunar • is covered differ.
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