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Safeguard sex housing rejects to develop business
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Yesterday, all alone of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, Chongqing connects Han Deyun of attorney office solicitor to say, will be in this year “ proposal of two meetings ” : The government should establish public housing to develop a company, unite construction allocation to ensure sexual housing; And economy the accrual of applicable room throws cheap to hire room construction entirely.

The current situation

Project of safeguard sex housing by buy in and sell at a profit

Governmental big thrust hires room and economy into cheap applicable room construction, but taking result did not achieve expectant expectation cost. Han Deyun thinks in the analysis in the proposal, cause safeguard sex housing to enclothe rate is not high, the germ with construction slow rate of progress is in government. It is the government takes seriously insufficient, still get finance selling the land, care the commodity house development that increases finance income only. 2 it is the government is appointed or precatory assumes cheap technically to hire a few state-owned units that applicable room builds room and economy, hire room or economy with cheap after project approving of applicable room name is permissive, pass on buy in and sell at a profit develops a business to estate, both sides conspires “ lends the ground unripe money ” , earn profit of high specified number.

Supervisory mechanism lack causes corruption

Han Deyun says in the proposal, he discovers in survey, each district all direct economy applicable room construction is made by commodity house development business is in charge of developing construction. And commercial development, seeking profit is its essence, the cost that raises necessarily can transfer purchaser again. In the meantime, because governmental lack is supervised effectively,restrict a mechanism, appear extremely easily camera bellows operation, power money trades, cause and abet corruption.


Safeguard housing unites construction allocation

“ provides housing to low income group, itself is the primary responsibility that the government should assume. ” Han Deyun says, the change builds plan at present slow, low cover the current situation of rate, should hire cheap room and economy the development construction of applicable room and management, call in from inside developing business hand, unified give special orgnaization is in charge of the state-operated that the government appoints.

Particular way can be local government of prefectural class above, the estate that establishs state-owned and solely invested property to not be a purpose with gain develops hypostatic —— public house to develop a company, be in charge of cheap technically hiring room and economy the land of applicable room is supplied, program, design, build, sell and hire management. Saying simply is governmental one continuous line is in charge of, make sure commonweal is service.
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