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Conduction place of Beijing temporary residence permit appears actually all nigh
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From this month 22 days rise, beijing police already began to be in whole town extensive examination temporary residence permit, ask all other places that accord with a condition come to Beijing personnel must deal with a temporary residence permit. Recently, this city a few ab extra population are concentrated the police station of area already the person is completely suffer from, appeared to deal with the masses of the temporary residence permit in great quantities. To can obtain this piece of temporary residence permit in time, a lot of person days had not shined to arrive outside police station queued up.

Discharge all night to take testimony more serious recently

This morning 5 when, the reporter comes to abundant stage area police station of 6 lis of bridges, there already was 50 more than person in what queue up to wait to deal with a temporary residence permit outside the gate. Discharge the Mr Cui before dawn in front of the team among them 1 when arrived, “ I am well-prepared, had made the preparation that calls protracted battle early, before you come, I had slept in the doorway shut-eye. ” says according to Mr Cui, often listen to fellow-townsman to speak of the temporary residence permit here is bad to do. Succeed to do, he carries a back from the home child, half pieces of flapjack was put in bag, went out early.

Inside the lodge of police station doorway, a few people that come round to deal with a temporary residence permit sit on a few only chairs in house. Pieces the security personnel of lodge is small tell a reporter, from begin before a few months, do a temporary residence permit to need a platoon for a long time to here, the phenomenon that before dawn comes over to queue up happens from time to tome, but unlike is so serious recently. See every had not shined to begin to queue up with respect to somebody every day, xiaozhang becomes aware they hold out is not easy, occasionally the air temperature in night is not worth “ 0 Celsius, one station is 45 hours outside them, often somebody warms oneself into house. ”

On the platoon one day group can not do certainly

In the morning 8 when make, office of government handling card opens the door office. Be in according to the reporter spot range estimation, the crowd that waits to deal with right now already had 400 more than person, the platoon sees a “ that does not see end grow dragon ” into. Ms. Zhang that comes from Heibei is hired, the first gets her of card as if relieved of a heavy load, “ midday of the sky before me 10 when the left and right sides comes to this, who knows to there had been hundreds of people in front of me queueing up, had not discharged afternoon police station came off work here, I wait for one constellation again presumably, discharge foremost face! ”
Gather together the phenomenon deals with place generally to explode canopy
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