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Conduction place of Beijing temporary residence permit appears actually all nigh
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The reporter connects center police station, city from the day of city north again the strong loose police station east understands respectively, the number that conduction temporary residence permit comes to before recently relatively increased before many, conduction office appears many temporary residence permits a condition of full load movement. Area of congeneric abundant stage, the case that leaves police station of not far bridge of peace and tranquility with photograph of 6 lis of bridges is relatively better, but the circumstance of police station of bright red door and likeness of 6 lis of bridges.

Deal with a staff member of place to say according to temporary residence permit of police station of 6 lis of bridges, come at ordinary times this person of conduction temporary residence permit is very much. Because range of area under administration of 6 lis of bridges is bigger, 6 lis of proximate Beijing west station, bridges are long-distance station, it is the traffic key position with significant capital, at the same time the steam inside area under administration matched and other places of market of city, An An to offer many obtain employment opportunities again, ab extra population is very concentrated. After be informed the information that should examine a temporary residence permit, the crowd that comes round to deal with is more. But the natural resources of manpower material resources of police station is limited, 4 windows are round-the-clock almost excess load works, every do a piece of card to need right-and-left time 5 minutes, one the world will to be able to deal with more than pieces 400 at most.

Cannot cross an area to do policeman idea to solve

" temporary residence permit explain get idea " in regulation, the police station that runs a witness to must hold relevant certificate to area under administration of canal of place of dwelling place of of short duration is declared shack register. But differ as a result of the circumstance of each area under administration, like 6 lis of bridges, bright red door this is planted the area with obtain employment much chance, became the first stay of many ab extra population to nod, the density of mouth of bearer of area limits inside and outside passes relatively at concentration.

Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, police station of 6 lis of bridges expresses about the personage, police station area under administration inside east tube head village serves as pilot, the attempt answers “ to gather together with new measure ” . They established information to accept a point in the village, this village villager can be dealt with here present the relevant procedures such as the photograph, after the policeman is collected, unite again take undertake examine and verify in place, achieve the effect of billabong crowd thereby.

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