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The demand that hire carry out all is added go up the capital rents a house seco
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The market after the section warms up abruptly

Interest of 3 days of demand rises 43%

From December 2007 the portion is secondhand room market is entered adjust period since, the capital is secondhand room market is in all the time opposite more low confused condition. Accordingly, many person that buy a house clinch a deal to section hind rebound expressed good anticipate. And in close the impact that considers ” finishs inflection point of paragraph of “ of time building city, the expression of the market after the section also makes a person expect more it seems that. In fact, show according to mart count, after the Spring Festival 3 days (in Feburary 13 months - 15 days) market demand is compared the corresponding period rose January 43% , intent clinchs a deal rise 13% . Warm up faster, heating up time made career ahead of schedule the capital after the section is secondhand this year the one large window of room market.

According to real estate of “ catenary home computation of gather into one of center of ” market research and development occupies an analysis, the 3 day door areas after the section are in 60 square metre - 90 square metre, 100 square metre - of 120 square metre secondhand room demand bearing than going up lunar the corresponding period is added go up amount to 5 into above, intent clinchs a deal go up also be in 2 into the left and right sides, with living oneself model the person that buy a house is given priority to. And capital on the west, the south each typical area are secondhand room demand also is all fronts warms up, if the area such as garden of Fang Zhuang, careless bridge, apple, Yi Zhuang is secondhand,room demand bearing is compared on the growth that lunar the corresponding period has 6 to become the left and right sides.

Those who deserve attention is, as the advent of ” of western “ Valentine's Day, bearing of the small family under 90 square metre demand that buy a house compares the capital nearly 2 grow to become before the section. Demand area basically is connecting bridal chamber of grade of fort of city, clear river, horse home to focus the section that the school such as door of area and ZhongGuanCun, Chong Wen focuses centrally.

The hire after the section is adjusted apparent

Inferior abstruse board piece present as leading role to rise

Come from Beijing Central Plains the statistic of department of research of 3 class market shows, during the Spring Festival secondhand the room market business, client that rent compares for 2.5: 1, compare the corresponding period had all place to drop last year. Be opposite of prospective house price anticipate good, and value “ Olympic Games year below the influence of prospect of the ” market that rent, can hire the owner amount that can make work to rise apparently. And the investigation that from Beijing Central Plains 3 class market studies to the ministry undertakes to actual condition shows, owner already also began to adjust hire during the Spring Festival, if esteem article gate area 3000 yuan / lunar house rose commonly 200 yuan or so. As get warm again after a cold spell of the market after the section, predict secondhand March house price still can have small to climb litre.
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