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Let common people live to be resided somewhat -- the Chengdu mode that focusing
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Let common people live to be resided somewhat -- the Chengdu mode that focusing housing ensures

Before the graph is the Spring Festival, sichuan saves the difficult family of the Chengdu City to get new residence key gladly. Li Jian is photographed

Go up century 90 time, as the ceaseless development of reforming and opening, welfare changes minute of room to exit historical arena, real-estate industry grows at full speed from this. And as house price swift and violent rise, perfect and the voice of system of perfect housing safeguard is louder and louder, the person that how to build a perfect housing to ensure a system to let “ reside has its house ” , become the heat topic that the society pays close attention to, also enter the field of vision that committee member of various the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference pays close attention to ceaselessly.

Proposal of center of a civilian alliance thinks, our country is preliminary already built hire housing system, economy with cheap system of applicable housing system, housing accumulation fund guarantees a system for the housing of main body, but housing safeguard system is very diseased still, still have many problems that solve urgently, among them, because housing ensures construction and correlation of development place economy,spend low, most local government values level to this insufficient, the initiative that launchs housing to guarantee the job is not tall, desalt of consciousness of housing safeguard responsibility is labelled the problem that solves urgently.

Sichuan saves the Chengdu City to be worth to draw lessons from in the effort of this respect and exploration. August 2006, " public housing system carries out city of the Chengdu City plan (try out) " and of file of two form a complete set promulgate carry out, the mark is worn first time of the Chengdu City is housing safeguard clearly with system form the government is communal function. Through old effort, the Chengdu City had built the cent administrative levels, much channel, public housing system that covers completely. The ” of “ Chengdu mode that housing ensures becomes an example ……

Housing safeguard “ is not had seam enclothe”

The kitchen with capacious sitting room, sweet cubicle, complete form a complete set and closet —— this is Chengdu low the new home that keeps Hu Zhangzhong to promote, and before two months, they still squeeze 4 times in a shabby room to live a life. Zhangzhong promotes right eye blindness, retina of different key point is atrophic, serious amblyopia, two children are going to school, a 4 expense relies on a wife to send a newspaper to earn money completely will maintain, want to change housing condition, zhang Zhongxing presses a root to had not thought. And ” of such “ incredible story, in system of Chengdu housing safeguard ” of this “ umbrella falls became reality. The cheap that Chengdu executes hires housing system, adopted give priority to with rent subsidy, objective deserves to hire it is with hire derate complementary safeguard means, accomplished “ to should be protected protect ” . Income is restricted also go up from 8000 original yuan tone goes to 22000 yuan, besides lowermost income family, chengdu takes the lead in bringing into low income family cheap to hire housing to guarantee range in the whole nation, the ” of housing “ bottleneck that lets ” of layer of “ with filling got be settlemented effectively.
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