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Let common people live to be resided somewhat -- the Chengdu mode that focusing
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The professor of Guo loose sea that pursues estate research for a long time is 9, committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of 10 whole nations, he comes in 10 years the proposal that 90% exceed in nearly 100 draft resolution concerns housing problem. Guo committee member thinks, housing safeguard system is one includes price fixing general goods common and housing, secondhand applicable housing, cheap hires room, economy the mutiple level supply such as house system, in ensuring sexual housing to should be enclothed, wait income, medium low income and low income family.

On August 1, 2006, " public housing system carries out city of the Chengdu City plan (try out) " and file of two form a complete set is promulgated carry out, the mark is worn Chengdu takes the lead in building preliminary and perfect housing to guarantee a system in the whole nation, the “ that realized housing safeguard is not had seam enclothe ” .

Guarantee a system according to the housing of the Chengdu City, of difficulty of housing of the Chengdu City in low income family is gotten for 3 gradient by cent governmental housing helps —— the first gradient, it is affirmatory to civil administration branch lowest life safeguard family executes cheap to hire housing safeguard; And the life of lowest of ”—— of layer of “ with filling that is aimed at the 2nd gradient ensures line above, family year income 22000 yuan of the following low income families, execute can buy economy applicable housing, also can rent housing from market of principal and subordinate, get the idea of the rent subsidy that the government provides; The 3rd gradient, it is a family year income families of 40000 yuan of 22000 yuan of above, the following income of medium on the low side, through buy or renting economy the method of applicable housing solves housing difficulty problem.

Arrive again to ” of layer of “ with filling from lowermost income crowd in low income family, edge tool of 3 old policy is built removed the Chengdu City to solve housing of low income family is difficult in be and the “ Jin Zhong that enclothes completely overspreads ” , the “ that takes the lead in realizing housing to ensure in the whole nation is not had seam enclothe ” .

Market measure also can use safeguard

Under the big setting that rises abruptly in estate market change with each passing day, ensure kind of housing to be like the clear water that make one's home, commercialize the soil that is development, how realize government of test of be in harmony of natural environment photograph be in office level.

Last year during two meetings, to table a proposal accelerates economy in the center of civilian change the draft resolution that applicable Fang Helian hires a room to build is labelled a draft resolution, suggest the government must participate in construction economy directly among them applicable Fang Helian rents a house, decide carry out or rented price level definitely, point out at the same time, the government also should use market mechanism when construction ensures sexual housing, with the building business collaboration is built, but do not loosen management.
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