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Let common people live to be resided somewhat -- the Chengdu mode that focusing
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The experience of Chengdu is housing safeguard and market conform, adopt market measure, aggrandizement product is supplied, begin to build be dominant with the government soundly and the public housing of as organic as the market union is supplied, allocate and manage mode.

Chengdu also brings into house of price fixing commodity public housing category, and as solve both neither of ”—— of layer of with filling of the 2nd “ to accord with economy applicable room ensures a condition, the family that buys housing of market price commodity feebly again and of the innovation that roll out lift.

Begin from the year before last year, chengdu had rolled out houses of 3 batches of price fixing commodity that all are 800 thousand square metre in succession, and already was built at present and in the house of commodity of 8 price fixing that build project, situation is the ” of “ heat area that the person that buy a house by place loves. House of price fixing commodity executes a government to fix a price, generally speaking, it is to consult the year on Chengdu is the same as area the house price of congener housing, and under carry out room current of countrywide house price go up on average.

From “ cheap of 0 hire ” rents a house, rent model economy is applicable room, house of price fixing commodity, chengdu of ”…… of graduate apartment of university of ” of senior staff apartment, “ is in the ” of living quarter of “ peasant industry to henceforth, “ in the construction of system of public housing safeguard, it is resource configuration with the market, deepen governmental function, aggrandizement product type, rolled out the public housing of ” of different “ breed, the extension that guarantees public housing the system is ceaseless and outspread.

Move the market adequately resource, reasonable use a government function, ceaseless in enlarging those who supply limits …… Chengdu to guarantee a system in public housing to build, of each bold and resolute lift, draw a member that let this locality dweller and outside person the harmonious blue print that “ stays in to reside ” somewhat.

Deepen public function

Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference thinks generally, housing is a kind of commodity, to seek more profit, housing market necessarily to high-grade change, large family way develops; However housing is a kind of special commodity, have the property of accurate communal product. This hand ” with respect to the “ materiality that needs a government goes perfecting housing to guarantee a system, the person that make sure those cannot satisfy the low income of housing demand through the market enjoys basic living right.

In Chengdu executive cheap hires housing, economy applicable housing and market of near future estate are macroscopical in adjusting control, innovation sex ground took the lead in putting forward “ to ensure the low end, end in adjusting control, policy train of thought that guides high-end ” in the whole nation. “ safeguard low end ” is a government adopt public housing system carry out, the housing that solves low income family effectively is difficult; And market of the end in estate, high end, it is a principle with efficiency, basically adjust through market mechanism proper motion, add a government proper adjusting control and guide. The follow of this one train of thought, it is the best explanation of macroscopical to the government adjusting control undoubtedly.
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