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Let common people live to be resided somewhat -- the Chengdu mode that focusing
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In the meantime, in public housing system in executing a process, the Chengdu City built strict “ admittance ” and “ to exit ” mechanism. To declaring a family, manage according to “ apanage, classification the principle of ” of examine and verify executes qualificatory management, build a city, area, street 3 class linkage examines a system; And superintend through trends build exit a mechanism neatly, also can avoid welfare solidify effectively.

The respect is ensured in public housing, chengdu municipal Party committee, municipal government writes each “ with great quantity ” , the concept of public service explanation gets incisively and vividly:

Used at extending directly only 2007 rent subsidy, buy cheap to hire housing and rent model the finance sex capital of applicable room amounts to economy 230 million yuan.

2007, pass governmental adjusting control, annual uses what the housing of policy safeguard sex such as applicable room builds at economy to use ground measure is to increase substantially more, 70 mus from 2006, 147 mus when increase to last year, can build the safeguard sex housing of 220 much square metre.

The government will be counter-purchased through valuation, bought way, the help accords with economy Fang Shen of applicable room, price fixing buys a condition however financial insolvency head paying housing difficulty family, solve a payment difficult problem, build perfect safeguard of whole town housing serves a system.

Heart of round common people installs Ju Meng mediumly, it is the topic that committee member of various the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference appeals all the time and runs for it, the construction of public housing system mixes Chengdu carry out, clicking “ how to reside ” , “ to solve tired ” , “ to ensure the keyword of diversity ” ceaselessly, gave out a satisfactory exam paper.

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