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The Spring Festival is not building city inflection point wait-and-see send Beij
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The personage inside course of study calls traditional and off-season past policy of Olympic Games drawing near digest wait for an element to will send building city get warm again after a cold spell

Although the sound of be expected to fall of latter building city rises gradually, but analytic personage thinks, wait-and-see make “ pour spring chill ” , the Spring Festival is not building city inflection point, however start. Building city is swelled drop to still be sent hazy.

2007 the end of the year, because the country is macroscopical,policy of close, estate publishs hasten of economic adjusting control often and superintend strict, real-estate industry chill gradually thick. " the announcement that committee of supervisory management of industry of Bank of China of Chinese people bank manages about strengthening commerciality estate credit " also make then Shenzhen building city cannot recover after a setback.

Calendar year winter is estate market is off-season, and come home as a result of ab extra population during the Spring Festival spend the New Year, the estate market of Beijing more show cool. Build according to Beijing appoint official website message, beijing is secondhand this year in January the autograph on room net makes an appointment with a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to be 2658, drop than 3887 of last year December 31.6% , clinch a deal accordingly area also shrink 30.8% .

Praedial data also shows 21 centuries, beijing is secondhand during the Spring Festival this year house business clinchs a deal the photograph before quantity and section is compared, the person that buy a house is wait-and-see the mood alleviates somewhat, the client registers a quantity relatively the corresponding period rose in January 4.6% and buy sincerity to strengthen, but because a lot of owner that register come home,spend the New Year, inconvenience sees a room, clinch a deal the quantity fails to rise apparently. From clinch a deal in light of the price, spring Festival around is secondhand of commodity house clinch a deal the price did not appear to change apparently, still maintain in all valence the price level of square metre of 13036 yuan of / , and with square metre photograph compared 8750 yuan of / of the corresponding period to rise last year 49% . From clinch a deal smoothly the price and the client that rise register an amount to look, most client anticipates to building city still hold upbeat mood, in the tradition trade off-season afterwards, secondhand room market hopeful continues to rush tall.

With smooth secondhand what house business differs is, the market is rented to warm up somewhat during the Spring Festival this year, according to statistic of ” of real estate of “ catenary home, first 5 to first 7 these 3 days, before the client that rent registers source of quantity, room to register a quantity to all compare a red-letter day 3 days all rose 50% above. Praedial statistic data shows 21 centuries, hire of Beijing commodity chummage clinchs a deal during the Spring Festival the volume rose during the Spring Festival last year compared to the same period 10.9% , annulus is compared the corresponding period rose in January 6.5% , in the meantime, level of each area hire is in than rising before the Spring Festival month of 50 yuan of / - month of 100 yuan of / differs. Among them lake of CBD, Ya Yun Cun, solidarity, on the west the hire of the heat area such as dam river rises range is more distinct.
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