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Urumqi rents a house - rental, beg hire need not anxious " net of Xinjiang QQ ho

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Urumqi - number of rental room source: 12114716 releases time: 2008-10-09 10:34:11
The price: 2 yuan
Area: 2 smooth rice
Buy a room to sell chummage the friends of the room, you are good, buy a house, sell a house, rent a house. That lands net of Xinjiang QQ house property to search the information that you want, if did not have nothing to do with, register in this website release beg buy beg hire information, want to have your appropriate housing only, the system of this website the QQ mailbox that registers information hair to you for a short while, , hair beg buy beg hire information, keep your QQ letter box please, facilitating system releases the building information that you need to you, this website is given priority to with publicizing a website, do not belong to intermediary, intermediary releases information to indicate please, lest by cutout. The thank cooperates. Welcome you to land the house property net with advanced of net of Xinjiang QQ house property, free net! ! !

Contact: Net of Xinjiang QQ house propertyThe complete information that this user releases
Contact means: 8166606

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