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Guangzhou is secondhand room all valence 7000 6 is not accepted into owner 10% d
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Building city is encountered " frost " already had large half an year up to now, in drop drop endlessly below influence of skill building city, although partial agent expresses a few secondhand floor price is beginning to become loose, also be in trading process " business has an amount " . Actually, each are big of intermediary clinch a deal data shows, secondhand room all valence is in 7000 yuan from beginning to end / square metre controls float. As we have learned, guangzhou is secondhand house price depreciates range is not big, most owner still insists to sell at high price.

4 into owner " not anxious spend money "

A few days ago, secondhand the investigation that owner holds to costly reason makes clear, the owner that exceeds 6 to become cannot accept those who exceed 10% to depreciate extent, the person of 40.83% shows " not rapid now move spends money, sell good price till " and hold to now price. The personage inside course of study expresses, current and secondhand building city has squeezed bubble basically, perch fries the investment behavior of the building to withdraw the market basically already, after filtering secondhand owner already stabilized a group of people of same interest basically, begin a relatively long-term ankylosis condition. 2 flatlet are borrowed new politics hind be eager to covering those who show is secondhand room source already was digested almost by the market, the great majority that leave is the owner with stabler state of mind, because this won't have big concession easily on the price. Additional, partial owner is in floor price rose greatly last year replenish onr's stock of period high price, passed to cast dish optimal opportunity, at that time if low moves, be afraid close to be not answered originally repeatedly. Of Guangzhou secondhand the market is relatively mature, the city after most person is valued. The personage is analysed related all-round victory, the basis is close paragraph of observation of time, depreciate considerably as skill " illusion " undone, what a few have pressing demand is secondhand the faith that buys the home to enter town sturdily instead.

Depreciate skill room is out-of-the-way have an effect hard

In the meantime, the discovery in investigation, nearly 6 think into inquirer of skill room depreciate to be affected to the house property of oneself not quite, main reason is " depreciating skill room is more out-of-the-way " . Visible, the house property of this part owner basically relies on property oneself environment and the establishment with mature form a complete set to become backup force, add the climax that rent coming resale is hire, advantageous situation cannot give a hand with afraid meeting far from, dormancy awaits inning. "Present owner is a state of mind, sell do not go out to be hired. " also partial personage thinks, at present " Xiong Fu " pawn, stock market be defeated, stock fund is covered prison, hope forward holds chief commander of course of study in the palm go up in building city, the hope can get in building city partial redound is compensated, accordingly also won't too depreciate easily.
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