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Development business acceptance retreats a room to return a house without reason
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"If pay the person buying a house of entire section to feel before be entered,buy this flatlet not worthwhile, can return a house without reason, development business is returned will everyday with house money total extremely additional gold pays to remove room person. " last week 6, east Asia 3 annulus center is newest sale shift -- " return a house without reason " cause blatant, although do not calculate,this action is in inside landed circle on initiate, but contact current building city general trend of events and East Asia the particular operation gimmick of 3 annulus, no matter the personage inside course of study still bought room person to give great attention. The personage inside course of study admits, clinch a deal in bridal chamber quantity annulus than dropping continuously the circumstance of 6 months falls, development business has begun change before sale strategy, use depreciate, compensation, send a car newest even withdraw a variety of measures such as the room without reason " help city " ; The person that buy a house is weighing in the hand backside of this one munificent act in rational ground likelihood hidden risk. That day, the capital sees room group first times -- morning paper sees room regular bus be in carry 51 readers to arrive at East Asia for a short while spot of project of 3 annulus center, with buy course of study person make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot together.

3 annulus acceptance does not have market dispatch East Asia reason returns a house

Had not walked into a selling office, the reporter sees in East Asia there is brand-new billboard on the enclosure of building site of 3 annulus center, clarity of huge wrongly written or mispronounced character sees above: "Entire section can return a house without reason, day ten thousand compensation. " this is afterwards SOHO China later, be apart is close 7 years city of time capital floor appears to retreat Fang Zhiju without reason again, but to it before not identical is, the span of time of the time that return a house that puts forward this is as long as nearly two years, the compensation that return a house and can retreat room a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to be in of the whole nation " the motion that return a house " in very infrequent also. This project develops business to tell a reporter, they are to be in what the reporter goes before today (on June 20) just attend a meeting strike this decided plan, mobile time is preliminary it is surely came on June 21 this year on August 30, because time weak point still does not have there's still time to undertake popularizing, it is to come only the person buying a house of the selling office knows this news.

According to the salesperson's introduction, the reporter understands, buy East Asia at present the house of 3 annulus center, besides the autograph " Beijing commodity house opens to booking a contract " (abbreviation " open to booking a contract " ) outside, sign even " cancel room agreement without reason " , can ensure future of the person that buy a house drops because of worrying about house price and the decision returns a house so from time to tome view. And the mobile requirement that announces this according to developing business, can enjoying the client limits that returns a house without reason is the person buying a house that points to Fu Quan money, the time limit that return a house is on March 25, 2010 9 when case to on April 3, 2010 18 when stop, the person that buy a house can be passed at the appointed time to development business puts forward and service removes the written announcement that opens to booking a contract returns a house, and need not any reason.
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