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Iron ore rises in price or push shrink of profit of business of house property o
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The market still is in the condition that demand exceeds supply, especially two trades with rolled steel the largest demand- - high-end product car uses steel, and the building with old demand uses reinforcing steel bar. After half an year of afterwards oil price will go up to nearly 140 dollars from every pails of 100 dollars, far the negotiation of an iron ore that has in Australia pushed Chinese car manufacturer crossroad again- - rise in price actively perhaps, perhaps bear small gain even the situation that lose money in business sells a car. On June 23, the negotiation of iron ore price between steelworks of China of delegate of group of Chinese treasure steel and tycoon of Australian mining industry is in eventually last hour " reachs " consistent. According to reached price agreement, 3 kinds of main iron ore- - the price of mine of PB pink mine, Yang Di pink, PB piece mine, will rise respectively on basis of 2007 year price 79.88% , 79.88% with 96.5% . Calculate according to concerning an orgnaization, price of powdery mine agreement rises 79.88% , will make Chinese steelworks purchases cost every tons raise 41.8 dollars than last year, the cost of a ton of cast iron raises smelt accordingly 65 dollars. Allow car manufacturer loss besides the likelihood outside the profit of 4% above, this negotiation of iron ore price still will bring about house property to develop company cost to rise, but go up the likelihood does not exceed 10% .

It's hard to say of price of next year iron ore

According to regulation of negotiation of iron ore price, the group of Chinese treasure steel that represents as the negotiation and the price that bay ore company reachs, will be accepted jointly by domestic steely industry. Before this, bao Gang and company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water already came to an agreement, mine of pink of Brazilian south system and Kalajiasi the price of powdery mine rises it is respectively 65% and 71% before here second agreement is reached, the mine price that the market expects to the likelihood is reached between Asian steelworks and bay ore company rises a meeting in 80% to 85% . Some orgnaizations are forecasted even go up a meeting be as high as 95% to come the " of " day price of 100% , occurrence history is the most rising. Bao Gang and the negotiation that Australian iron ore produces business lasted the time of 4 months. It is reported, inside 4 months in the past, in bay the focus of bilateral negotiation depends on, bay steelworks of square requirement China according to the principle that is the same as valence with content, offer marine cost compensation, in order to wipe the difference of smooth Brazil mine and Australia mine FOB; And in just think this asked to overturn before negotiation price system, give stoutly consequently boycott. Analytic personage expresses, in this in bay in price agreement, although have no the character of " of " freight filling difference, but bay mine goes up a mine of prep above Brazil is close 15 percent, more or less to already show the price appeared a few change. Nevertheless, the big frame of traditional price mechanism did not change. Iron ore problem studies expert Ceng Jiesheng thinks, this in of agreement of bay mine price sign, for iron ore negotiation will add a few inaccuracy to decide an element henceforth. Can be company of ore of next year bay denied raise similar requirement? Can enterprise of Brazilian mining industry deny the additional requirement that also raises his conversely? All these problems, have clear result hard still at present.
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