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After inflection point talking has evil put through to separate 3 months of Chin
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I think the policy of macroscopical adjusting control of housing has 4 principles. Stabilize the value namely, straighten order, good col, ensure human rights. I think to should not intervene development decides valence counterpoises independently, deprecatory also ask to develop small family through administrative measure model scale. The method that should use economy however guides, be like taxation or finance policy. Policy of a lot of administration do not answer too adjust the thing of microcosmic level, want to follow the pattern however. -- , director of research center of estate of Beijing Normal University direct hedge

This second building city is adjusted period or for 8 to 10 months

Landed industry of China is forever most the battlefield that attracts eyeball. 2007, chinese building city is like " infatuated " , the price of house of town of center of a gleam of that is a delegate with Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou with average the speed of every months of two digit maintained be as long as the high speed of half an year grows. Face the building value that loses reason almost, governmental immediately came on stage to go up mix interest rate, promote second year in high school flatlet head pays, increase deposit reserve a series of combination fists such as rate, lose pilot house price to turn in loop of peak of the end of the year eventually almost for a time, countrywide house price begins to enter adjust period. And this anteroom price rises a faster Shenzhen city, also depreciate in this round in prices, with 10%-30% drop a center that makes key point of storm of countrywide building city. Wait in Shenzhen, Guangzhou bead below the demonstrative effect that trigonometry city depreciates, countrywide building city begins to appear into the atrophy that pay an amount, wait-and-see state that valence does not have city, last to this year all the time first half of the year.

2008 second half of the year, does Chinese building city go situation how? Whether can be macroscopical adjusting control loosened somewhat to building city? Held at Shenzhen on June 28 in our newspaper " south · of engage by special arrangement of day Ji fortune big lecture room of a person of academic or artistic distinction -- , the Chinese real estate below macroscopical adjusting control goes situation " on forum, expert attending the meeting thinks, as a result of the driving demand of real-estate industry, chinese landed industry is valued for a long time still, the adjustment of city of building of this round of China period the likelihood is 8 to 10 months, probable the trend that in future the end after 3 months drops. Expert of distinguished economist, real-estate direct hedge deny estate to appear " inflection point " view, show partial learned man " inflection point is talked " have " evil do " composition.