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Urumqi builds house of the 3.4 million safeguard that make the same score rice 5
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Online question comes Urumqi since this year 2012, urumqi is average and annual the plan develops of all kinds housing 4.5 million square metre comes 6.6 million square metre. To 2012, the plan develops gross area of of all kinds housing to make an appointment with 22.6 million square metre to come 33 million square metre, ensure sexual housing total dimensions to make an appointment with 3.4 million square metre among them.

On June 27, the reporter understands from city program bureau, build the file demand of hall according to housing and ministry of urban and rural construction and municipality, by city hair of bureau of natural resources of land of bureau of program bureau, city house property, city, city changes appoint, city is built appoint the Bureau of Finance that reach city was made jointly " Urumqi city housing builds a program (2008 ~ 2012) " . Program limits is metropolis center the city zone, include day of a mountainous area, Shayibake area of river of collect of area of area, channel of new urban district, water mill, head, Mi Dong area, economic technology development and development of estate of new and high technology also include to be inside program limits. Raise gross and structural control requirement with the city zone that amount to slope to Urumqi county.

Safeguard room proportion not bottom at 10%

Limits of construction of urban center area is bright road, youth road, outer shroud road (unitive road, Qian Tangjiang road) , place of Yang Zijiang road, friendly distance surrounds the section that join. The land that housing builds is supplied will adopt dig in order to transform go put a quantity to give priority to, development increment land is complementary principle, key and preferential in assuring low price, medium small model general goods room and policy sex housing are supplied with the ground.

Among them, the old division that central the city zone needs to transform makes an appointment with 2047 hectare, the village in requiring transformed town makes an appointment with 1509 hectare with the ground, urban newly-added district (industrial district of fort of area of collaboration of boreal enlarge new developed area, 104 round economy, Gan Quan) offer land to make an appointment with 340 hectare.

As we have learned, this plan and construction will increase cheap to hire housing, economy further the construction strength of room of box up of the applicable housing, solution that see danger, accelerate shanty town to transform pace. To 2010, solve the housing difficulty problem of family of urban low income basically. To 2012, make ensure sexual housing to build gross to occupy year to develop the 10% above that build gross.

In the meantime, continue to had made pair of housing in low income family the cheap of difficulty door hires housing allowance to send knock off to make. Black prosperous finance will continue to create special fund, the low income family of difficult to according with housing condition carries out allowance of the housing that rent.
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