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Beijing University professor wishs to draw out Qian Dengan to accuse an apology
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Zhou Yimei / civil the Ceng Chengnuo before part-time job of research center of economy of Beijing University China teachs Xu Dian to celebrate one year if Shenzhen house price drops to apologize. Recently, because Shenzhen house price drops really, he writes citizen of Wen Xiangshen Zhen to apologize on rich guest. Yesterday (on July 2) , xu Dian is celebrated express, be willing to draw out money to carry apologetic ad on media. In apologetic letter, xu Dian is celebrated used very long space to remind foreign capital to flow into fry a room, xu Dian celebrates an explanation, he is to want to remind government and people to notice present crisis, can be on guard somewhat. Xu Dian is celebrated make known one's position, he stands to apologize, hope to be able to make stop to acclaim incident this namely, object turning house price issue into a kind of game that has recreational quality.

Current, be in a few areas of Guangdong already someone makes known his position to be willing to help Xu Dian celebrate a this advertisement cost, xu Dian is celebrated after be informed, express need not, he is willing oneself draw out money, in the excuse on the newspaper that Shenzhen citizen can see. Xu Dian is celebrated tell a reporter, he is not have bet desire person, never buy lottery ticket even. Although he studies finance, but also had not bought a share, because that meeting is dispersive he is too much energy.

- incident is answered put

Last year on July 11, xu Dian is celebrated make a speech in Shenzhen, say Shenzhen house price rises reason is sufficient. Very fast, the one's words that Xu Dian celebrates drew on real estate to study personage ox knife (Niu Daobo's guest | Bovine knife news) censure. On July 30, xu Dian is celebrated in " Chinese estate signs up for " publish an article to say, shenzhen house price should rise for certain, this is the inevitable rule that economy grows, not be who is called absolutely those who come. He says, "If Shenzhen house price is next year lower than now on July 11 a minute of money, use full page length to apologize to Shenzhen citizen on newspaper certainly " . On July 31, niu Dao says Shenzhen house price falls surely, if was defeated, also can apologize on media. This year in March, xu Dian is celebrated and bovine knife admits publicly " bet bureau " .