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The guideline that rent: Landlord covers the room does not hire an expert to rem

来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-29 Tag: 点击: message () of news agency area: The Olympic Games arrived, the nature of rental house price of place periphery is when the river rises the boat goes up too, to hire a good price, a few owner of Beijing reach house empty place of purpose 7, August before the Olympic Games, do not pass this be to one's profit?

Now, the three-room flat boarding house that 4 annulus bring Beijing north, august hire valence to predict to had achieved 40 thousand yuan or so. This also makes sky of house of would rather of a few house-owner wears periphery, also should catch up with August lease good price. Also should catch up with August lease good price.. More content: The be economical that rent a house has way to do sth to teach you a few instructions for dealing with an emergency rent satisfactory houseThe be economical that rent a house has way to do sth to teach you a few instructions for dealing with an emergency rent satisfactory house

House-agent: Short this year hire compare fire, some people are waiting for the Olympic Games to hire high price.

But concerned expert reminds everybody, make a house for the tall hire of 9 months long empty buy, do not see so that have much be to one's profit.

With north 4 annulus some is high-grade building dish a three-room flat is exemple, the current price that rent is 7000-8000 yuan / month, hiring the end of the year is the 7 rent profit to 80 thousand yuan; If rent only,can be house-owner August a month, although the price is equivalent to normal month,hire 4 to 5 times. But if arrive from empty all the time now buy by July, the Olympic Games was not found in time again afterwards long hire a client, have 60 thousand yuan or so only to the accrual of the end of the year so.

Job wife: At present the supply of hotel hotel room or more abundant even if came to Beijing the tourist of many abroad or home rents the market after all to moment building is if if expectation value is exorbitant,a what kind of level measures numerate very hard at present, be afraid somebody of moment even if[More content: Lunar income program of 10 thousand yuan white-collar buy employment]

Additional, the expert also reminds everybody, the building that lease has been compared to be confined to the high-grade clothbound building near place periphery during the Olympic Games dish or apartment of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, and average resident room can be not built certainly on ” of regular bus of “ Olympic Games, had better be according to oneself the actual condition of the building defines rental strategy.

Below one:

Where application room is borrowed most in PK of bank of foreign capital of be to one's profit endowment bank

Baidu ( “ room borrows ” , find relevant webpage about 8, 600, 000

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