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The termination of contract that rent a house did not renew the contract whether
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Reader Chen Tongxue: We are the students of the university, because pursue convenient,3 people rent a house in outside school, conventional hire every months 1000, we had lived more than one year, but the contract signed a year only. Because landlord and we disrelish a trouble, sign a contract without add, it is every the middle of a month is handed in on schedule only hire. A few days ago, landlord finds us suddenly, say house price rises recently, it is wide hand in meeting, he feels original rent is too low, the requirement adds 300 yuan, we do not agree, he wants us to take away, say to want to hire others additionally. Excuse me, the practice of landlord is sound, calculate do not calculate beak a contract?

Answer: According to the condition that you say, we think the practice of landlord should be reasonable. According to the relevant provision of contract law, both sides of termination of contract of the contract that rent did not renew the contract, maintain for nonsked contract, also say your both sides can remove at any time contract, and need not assume any responsibility of breach of contract.

Accordingly, landlord can want you completely to take away, but have a bit he must inform you ahead of schedule, let you proper time searchs a house, left and right sides of a month is among practice.

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