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The white-collar buys house Or to give birth to the child 5 case teach you manag
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“ house and child who this first? The Wang Xin that this problem makes ” firm this year marry and Zhang Jing are a bit irritated. This plan near future buys a house, but two people had different opinion again now. Wang Xin says, if the money below the assemble in the hand was bought the room does not have the rest, and now the age of two people big, should consider to want the child first.

But Zhang Jing thinks however, if do not have the room that belongs to oneself, the life always feels uneasiness is firm, had the child more no-go, should consider preemptive an a bit less room, have a home first at least. And Wang Xin insists to want to buy a room of big drop, can hire first now live. After all their idea to who who is wrong, be preemptive house or this gentleman child after all? This looks be like reconcilable problem to be not a case, be in Beijing Shanghai nowadays in such big city widespread presence, age is growing, house price also is rising, if bought a house to want a child again, although lunar income passes,the family of 10 thousand also can feel at hand to be critical.

Come from Beijing to build appoint number of a group of newest statistic shows, 2005, period room opens to booking Beijing commodity house average price 6725 yuan / square metre, than going up year rose 1083 yuan / square metre, go up for 19.2%% ; Among them general goods residence 6721 yuan / square metre, grow 10.9%% compared to the same period. Those who pass a year is wait-and-see, not only did not drop to go up instead not little room value, your young wait-and-see person people how many some are can'ted restrain, be about to be faced with the new group family of knot legitimate child especially, house and child are the earnest wish that wants to come true as soon as possible in their heart.

Somebody once had calculated such brushstroke Zhang, foster a child to hold high from the charge that is born to read aloud university institute to need, and meanwhile, interest rate is borrowed to maintain 20 years in the room below changeless premise, if you still need every month to take out about 2000 yuan room to lend a month,offer a paragraph to return a bank, house and child while appear, to the family of great majority, it is very great pressure.

Case one: Plan medium house and the child that come unexpectedly

Tea child be in ZhongGuanCun together with husband, one is in software company, one is in hardware company, marry 3 years, accumulate 300 thousand yuan. Last year, two people passed ” of “ interior relation to buy the house of a 100 more than square metre in subway along the line eventually, round oneself house dream. Still had decorated without there's still time, tea child discovery is incorrect: Oneself were pregnant. This is in the plan of two people of husband and wife, can be a year of the following thing.

Urgent hold domestic meeting, not much time, pass resolution consistently: Be delivered of this child. The reason is: House head pays much, every months still borrow little, without too great economy pressure; Tea child also 30 years old, or else is born to also be about to turn “ Gao Wei into ” ; The house is quite big, no matter be parents,be to ask baby-sitter to look after children, have enough space. Then, busy originally the tea that decorate child the right that begins to will decorate bridal chamber turns over husband, oneself removed environmental protection to permit mother in woman family belongs heart and soul. Result tea child baby is born healthily and grow, the warmth that husband gets ready personally to oneself is small also are extremely satisfactory.
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