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Student of the graduate guideline that rent a house closes the university hire c
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Close hire a form one: Close rent the house with one whole point

Put in hidden trouble: Vigilant false landlord

A few classmates close hire from most begin to close hiring a complete housing is the idealest also be the most convenient close hire a form, but also should notice the following at 2 o'clock, it is house-owner not be true landlord, a lot of him people rent next bedroom houses with low first, turn at high price again next lease goes, they may be to the payment of house-owner the month pays a form, but after relet goes out, with respect to requirement students season pays, half an year pays, even year pay. During this, if lessor
Roll paragraph and escape, true house-owner did not get rent, be about to call in house, the loss of students is severe. 2 it is dispute of existence of central heating cost, property cost, was worth midsummer in June, a lot of students did not consider winter central heating expends a problem, it is him capture after all, still be house-owner capture, central heating cost is not brushstroke fraction, it is clear that tenant must ask beforehand. Property expenses is likewise such. Property expenses is likewise such.. More guideline: 3 action prevent the safe hidden trouble that Olympic Games weak point hires3 action prevent the safe hidden trouble that Olympic Games weak point hires

If did not pass him intermediary to find a room, must let house-owner produce building property right so all card original, id original, check both whether to accord with, true and false of card of house property of test and verify can call to inquire to the real estate department, the number that treats house property disease is corresponding this building. Attention, must see original. If hire room person to say the kin friend that is house-owner entrusts his hack, also should see house property card reach entrust notarial deed. To central heating cost, property cost, it is usually by house-owner pay, in should have discussed beforehand and fulfilling the contract that rent. Water, report, gas, broadband, cable television expends these day cost cost is tenant is handed in commonly, sign a contract that day, house-owner should wait for electric card, gas card hand in with tenant, signal all sorts of cost how pay, avoid to bring needless trouble.

Close hire a form 2: The first tenant one-room flat relet

Put in hidden trouble: Lease of give false information of “ sublessor ”

A person has hired housing, but bear not to have all rent, will among them a relet goes out. We call our “ sublessor ” . Give false information of “ sublessor ” leases time, original house-owner signs the contract of half an year, said to sign one year to tenant next longer even time, such, we still may be in on time pay chummage when, house itself had expired, perhaps had expired, use time difference of 9 days, again the lie hires tenant, the result handed in chummage to be returned finally for nothing is nowhere can live.
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