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When the fastigium that rent sees a room " reconnaissance " want meticulous
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Case: Just found working Xiaojin, a house was rented hastily beside working unit last week. Move do not have two days, one caboodle problem came out completely: Signal of machine of room old hand is too weak, hit a gangmaster of phone have to to be stuck in window edge; The power source outlet in the room is too little, and circuit ageing cannot use high-power electric equipment; The lighting of the room is too poor, the dress on the balcony can dry in the shade. Xiaojin plans to return a house, landlord expresses is Xiaojin when seeing a room at the outset not quite careful.

The professional personage of building intermediary association reminds, on-the-spot reconnaissance should undertake to the building above all when renting a house, include door model, situation of whether daylighting, quiet, circumjacent transportation. The most important is to examine the daily establishment such as water and electricity, closestool good, must all home appliance try out, check plug whether leakage of electricity, gas whether leak.

Next, when the autograph rents a contract, must distinguish right obligation, use like the use cost such as water and electricity, gas, phone, cable television how pay, every months when pay chummage, if building facilities is not factitious attaint to should be in charge of maintaining by who, how should if landlord terminates a contract ahead of schedule,compensate for etc.

More guideline:

“ hires ” of room a group of things with common features necessary small stick person have without home appliance the influence hires valence

The individual that the person that rent a house treats surely hires room manual to assure you lease good building

Somebody looks for a single woman to add up to opposite sex of the " that rent a house only hire " to hide trap