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City " negative person " 7 proposals buy conduct financial transactions it is ro
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As the improvement of standard of living, in the commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes and all sorts of consumption places that blame a road to leave solely are alluring city a young heart, thereby ecbolic a group of things with common features " of moon of " of very much city. What is " " of moon a group of things with common features? Just as its name implies arrived to be sent the next time namely before firewood, the Qian Zao in him pocket spends light entirely! Lovely the " that has pity on again " of moon a group of things with common features people be forced to hide into meal of parental home loiter to eat, perhaps seek amiable father and mother temporarily " of " have enough to meet need, bite gnash one's teeth to spend the time of have too many problems to deal with a few days.

Here from " of " basic necessities of life each respects give city technically medium " " of moon a group of things with common features raises proposal of a bit conduct financial transactions, hope everybody breaks away from " moon at an early date a group of things with common features " , become small the investment gens that has the stockpile!

One. Use bazaar to hit She Jiqiao to buy one year clothings, avoid to cannot make the kinds or types of goods of " of " new fund that fold as far as possible.

Fashionable queen cocoa. Xianaier has said: "Modern be like as transient as a fleeting cloud, only the style can maintain. Only the style can maintain.. The city " that suggests to love trendy dress sound him program of " of moon a group of things with common features almirah, use everyday the " in wintry last stage and summerly end bazaar hits the " that lose season to buy low even to 2 fold, the name brand with the 3 excellent do manual work that lose. If you have your good grade, amount to the clothing with not much good quality matchs reasonably, need not pursue style, and you will be the style that is pursued person!

Close small stick person:

2. Decrease as far as possible go out repast, buy organic food, oneself design healthy cookbook.

This famous England best seller is called "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" . As CPI rising, prices of all sorts of food raw material also rise subsequently. Spend same price, you go the " of " fish sweet shredded meat that cafeteria nods turned silk of " fish caraway into " however, and the apprehension that the little dining room with low price often still lets a person its use what " oily " and " salt " . Be inferior to using the flower the organic provision that buys health in the money of dining-room, buy machine of a few coffee, tell a driver, sandwich machine, juicer. . . The meal with him satisfying and goluptious DIY, reduced expenditure greatly not only, and your hutch art may conquer your other in part!

Close small stick person: Cong Hui makes an appointment with drought 腄 IY honest too goluptious, but still should notice to eat right amountly, lest because of the effect with gluttonous and healthy short of!
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