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Take Measures to solve the 2042 Hami, Xinjiang, housing people in financial diff
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Zhongguang Wang Hamilton Oct. 11 (Xinhuanet Sun Tao Jiang Hongxia Wang Xindong Hami station reporter) in accordance with unified planning,

rational distribution, facilities, security for the principle of Hami City, Xinjiang, enriching Anju Development of rural, urban low-rent

housing and other housing construction effectively solve the urban and rural masses and housing problems.
National Day ago, in the West Desert of Hami City, Agricultural Park, the farmers moved into a package 拉提赛提马塔 force new home. In 2002,

a package from Barkol County Lahti moved to here, in more than 50 square meters of the small house is a living 8 years. This year, enriching

Anju unified construction zone. Lahti, who lives on a package built this area of 104 square meters, with a bathroom, kitchen, Anju, in the

construction of walls, the government gave subsidies of 3,000 yuan. Package 拉提赛提马塔 Force said: The Government of our great, I have come

up with twenty thousand dollars, the government gives us grants fifteen thousand, but also help us to loan 3 million, we will tear down old

house built a new house, new house is very spacious, watching to comfortable.
In enriching housing project construction, Hami City in accordance with the construction standards for 20 years behind the requirements of

building seismic Anju and new rural construction, small towns, industrial restructuring, to settle pastoralists move together to co-ordinate

central and autonomous regions, prefectures and cities supporting and Yuan Jiang funds, to play the main role of farmers and herdsmen,

according to Pratt & Whitney type, to improve type, transformation type, special group-based classification of construction of four units. In

the construction of housing at the same time, Hamilton City, at the same time to complete construction of residential facilities, planting

trees, water, frame lines, roads. Here is building a house of Tao Heung Village, a set of teeth I long road of the village, implementation

and enriching the people here this year, housing projects, housing, built, launched along roads, 7 km of black asphalt road extended to the

village home around their houses.
Hamilton City, Tao Heung Gong Village, a set of teeth I farmer Wang Lung-chu told reporters in particular: It is now also built a road, the

house also repair, good policy, we fuel dry.
Speed up the improvement of housing conditions in rural areas, while still in the city of Hami City, speeding up the implementation of public

rental housing, low-cost housing construction and renovation project shantytowns. Gradually solve the relocatees, landless farmers, poor

households and the housing problems of low-income families. This is located in the northern suburb of the road benefits of the Park District,

last year built 460 low-rent housing units to accommodate needy people, landless peasants 460. This year, construction of 648 low-rent

housing units, has been completed.
Hamilton City Heng, general manager of Urban Construction Investment Management Co., said Zhang Shengxi: Currently, the basic low-cost

housing construction projects completed in recent years, low-rent housing through construction, the city has 2,042 people in financial

difficulties to solve the housing difficulty.