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Autonomic State to promote low-cost housing construction to improve the living c
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Tianshan News (correspondent reports declared grams) of low-income households in Xinjiang Atushi City Ms PANG right leg disability, the son

of no fixed work, family life difficult. Under the care of the government, recently, they moved into Administration of Grain predicament

Atushi City residential area, checked into the kitchen, bathroom, water, heating and electrical equipment, fully equipped with all the low-

rent housing.

    It is understood that, in order to effectively solve the housing problem among subsistence allowances, Atushi City application to the

community, the street and civil affairs departments to thoroughly investigate the way, strict definition of the relevant review and maintain

the vital interests of guaranteeing the crowd.

    In recent years, Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as "g states") will be affordable housing construction as an

important part of livelihood projects. In 2008, the state sets of new affordable housing in 1642, 2009, 2348 new units of affordable housing

in 2010, the state plans to build low-rent housing units in 1586, plans to complete shantytowns, 1620. As of the end of August, the state has

started construction of grams 1453 low-rent housing units, construction area of 73,400 square meters, start rate of 91.6%. "Twelve Five"

period, the g state plan to modify the area of 669,600 square meters shanty towns, so 7780, about 25,500 people living and living conditions

have markedly improved.