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The building is rented violate compasses run frequent two bedrooms change person

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[Summary] an usable floor area the two bedrooms of 72 square metre, by greatly small lay between 11 " house " , besides a public toilet, don't have again but the place of offal... whether can you imagine such setting?

An usable floor area the two bedrooms of 72 square metre, by greatly small lay between ” of 11 “ house, besides a public toilet, don't have again but the local …… of offal whether can you imagine such setting?

It is difficult to look for house-owner to rent a house directly

The Xiaozhao's couple of newly-married swallow Er is preliminary from close move in the building that lease, seek an one room afresh the house of one hall begins circle of 2 the world. But this desire did not come true up to now. Xiaozhao describes them to seek the experience of the house: In the time of a month, get online everyday almost, string together alley to seek room source, although writing an individual to release the phone of information to hit,can go, discovery still is intermediary.

Xiaozhao hopes to be able to face house-owner to lease a building directly, because of in that way be economical is at ease. The individual information that this building that “ leases before me seeks from the net namely is released, house-owner and tenant meet, both sides feels appropriate, sign a contract directly. Both sides is at ease, leave out intermediary charge. ” but, such “ opportunity ” is in this year to renting a house person for become smaller and smaller.

The market that rent is not the main income source of each building intermediary originally. But this year the big setting of Beijing Olympic Games, let rent the market to become hot rise. Have give sb a bit of one's mind of building intermediary agent: The source of the room that rent of 99% masters in building intermediary hand nowadays, it is difficult to think the power that carries oneself looks for a house to comparative this year.

A research that ministry of public relations of catenary home real estate provides a journalist says in the report, the Olympic Games attracted a large number of population for Beijing, cohesive affinity of this kind of area will form a height in Olympic Games around, and from this the renting demand of derive cannot small look. The statistical data of catenary home real estate shows, since this year March, the demand that rent rises continuously, rented demand to 25 days of whole town on March 1 relatively the corresponding period rose last year 28.1% . And the research report that I love research center of my home market to offer makes clear, “ of the person that buy a house by buying relet ” is the market that rent the main reason of fast get warm again after a cold spell. I love my home to predict annual Beijing is overall 2008 of the market that rent clinch a deal the volume will rise 20% the left and right sides.

Individual information duplicates

“ falls in such circumstance, intermediary at any cost loot room source, forestall rents the market. A personage inside course of study says ” . This kind of view, confirm got on body of house-owner Liu Da. Liu Da is minority is not willing to give intermediary company the house for you one of hack house-owner.

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