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[Summary] I and Zheng Na are engaged that day, hire issued to overlook the room of the river. If Zheng Na does not go to Beijing holding a post, marry to me, need the order of a law only.

I and Zheng Na are engaged that day, hire issued to overlook the room of the river. If Zheng Na does not go to Beijing holding a post, marry to me, need the order of a law only.

One hall allows two rooms I live very cozily, such comfortable delegate the convention that occupies the home. Besides the sitting room, an a study, bedroom, is two home such mode?

Regrettablly this mode lasted half an year merely, be about the circumstance when relet has suddenly change. Maternal fish of Zheng Na is inchoate kidney declines, best method is organic transplanting. Zheng Na discusses with me in the phone how assemble money, I did not wait for him to start to talk to put forward actively to change a house.

Landlord is the businessman of an astute in the extreme, say to be inferior to such, your sheet lives this hut, I rent big house again additionally others. A new tenant came as expected after a week, I look is unexpectedly male, that is mixed maly I am same, also be the university just graduates, according to the view with enlightened landlord, the opposite sex joins the vogue that hires since to live now, all previous that also is traditional morality drills each other take care of —— men and women, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, till friendship, sit the bosom is not random.

The boy is called wave, gens floats south, to be in keep an eye on here, and not random really. This is an as disparate as the type austral Zheng man, not as experienced as Zheng Na composed, it is however all over the face sunshine is bright, I dare say, can escape without any girls those who cross that sunshine is deadly one dazzle!

I also had not escaped. Although, she and Zheng Na still the hot line is ceaseless, although she still the maternal assemble money that ground of exert to one's utmost is Zheng Na, but the drunk night in an alone sadness, when wave wave kisses her actively, she half dream wakes partly, did not sheer.

This has an affair with gradually to the relation of boy girl, this kind has an affair with let my appreciate arrive excitement and ineffable bravery battle, also spread with corresponding abashed synchronism, let me be in the mood when remembering Zheng Na is messy, but once hear the voice of wave wave, I cannot restrain the smiling face that sees Zhangtian is then true again the desire that the heart has.

Eventually one day, I hear Zheng Na to announce he wanted recall Shanghai to come happily in the phone, this message forces me to must be made to wave wave instantly honest. I should tell wave, I already betroth at the person, that person resembles my dear one, be just as elder brother and father. Face green passion and dependable life, I already chose to accept or reject feebly, I should let wave wave decide for me, decide each other love and do not love. But wave of this day of wave happens occupied go out, the key of will big room before before leaving is put into my control, these two houses are you, he says, you can sleep in at will any, the thing in house is used along with you, anyway sooner or later vest in you.

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