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Add up to the woman like hiring the water in the room to disappear in my eye sho
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[Summary] went more than 10 days, I dial that number noisy without courage, also did not hear her incoming message. The woman like a water, disappear in my eye shot so...

Make evening shift all the year round, I rented suite by the unit.

The house is pretty good, everything needed is ready. But every months of more than 1000 yuan hire, not be a small amount, then I want to search close those who hire. I registered a name in a chatting website, very fast, will greet sb with respect to somebody.

Be female. The name is obtained very beautiful. I say I am male, she says to be indifferent to. Hire water and electricity of what, be indifferent to. The other side is watch sincerity, wanted my QQ, transmit a piece of picture immediately.

It is a true belle actually! Seaside, riding a Bai Ma, answer eye to laugh, 100 fawn on give birth to a flower. Do not have so that say!

The belle sends come to come! After thrill passes, I still did not agree. This if does cheater do how? Which days of family belongs that whirled me does not say, be rushed to patted a photograph to record those who resemble and so on into the door erratically, I became the flesh on her chopping board.

After knows a few days to pass, the mobile phone mark that the belle leaves her on QQ by me was dialed. Listen attentively, sound is very melting, reckon the age won't exceed 30 years old. Very forthright appearance. But from her the end sound of every word, I can judge giving her is county of the outskirt around.

The belle says in the phone, she will come tomorrow. Say, you met, do not hire me besides not late also. Gave me an indescribable suggestion.

Agreed the following day, meet in the guesthouse cafeteria of class of a 5 stars. Dinner, I arrive first. Choose a position to sit down. Those who agree is punctual at 6 o'clock arrived, my mobile phone rang, she is hit, saying is to be afraid that the road is blocked up, did not drive, take a taxi come, can delay 45 minutes. In a few minutes, the phone rang, I look at the door busy morning, the feminine fund fund that sees kind of one beautiful young married woman as expected and into, the hand holds a mobile phone, the edge walks 4 times by the side of explore looks. I one beck, belle conveniently drops a telephone call, beautiful laughs, stand to me before.

It is a belle apparently, spill over all over the sort of belle that water comes. From her conveniently puts aside a bag on the desk to be able to be judged piece, it is a quite rich belle certainly. That wraps me to meet in Lian Kafo, lowest 8000 yuan.

Belle fund fund sits down, the eye that uses sample is staring at me: “ and I live one case, be willing? ”

My awkwardness.

“ 3 months, I go person. Money is good say. The pupil of ” woman sample sheds the light that shows beg.

My general calling card gives the past. This is a kind of straight-out behavior that I am used to. Tell oneself true identity each other, let the other side decide the manner to me. Write very clearly on calling card, i, the controller of a post of the media with this the mainest city.
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