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As pure as my Qing Dynasty lying between ice of one wall appearance is prostitut
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[Summary] it is so pure that small Qing Dynasty looks, how you can do the sort of shameful business?

Bound of 2 the world

Male host - Wang Yazhou, 26 years old, zhejiang person, some company employee

Goodwife - small Qing Dynasty, 25 years old, do not have personnel of course of study for the society before, it is company employee now

Former dwelling place - village of city of Hainan province big talk aing shady retreat on a green hill

When big talk coming first, shack in friend home. The friend pours it doesn't matter, quite enthusiastic, always just let me feel to have a place all over uneasy. After working stability comes down, I am wanting to live to the outside, also friend of so as to save is disadvantageous, oneself are awkward.

One day towards evening I come out to take a walk, there is one paper to close on the telegraph pole that sees village doorway lease advertisement - chummage: “ is rental Xiaoou aing shady retreat on a green hill 2 be placed in the middle a big, 2 new clothes are floor of long family report, phone, wood, old hutch, David, water and electricity is angry, the month hires 500 yuan, be restricted lone, electric couplet hears a young lady. ”

It is for look look only originally fresh, of contented curiosity, but when I see this information, cannot help beginning an activity to rise however in the heart: Otherwise, see this hear a young lady after all first how, if return patchy word, a chummage also holds out two people actually pretty good. I drew out skill machine to note the telephone number of the other side at once.

Time discuss with the friend in the home, the friend is to be dissuaded to the utmost first, but my meaning already definitely, I also need to one party belongs to his swing space. The friend also understands my mood, be forced to sigh to say to me: “ good, seek a room need not urgent, come slowly, searching appropriate move again not late also. ”

The word although so say, but I still think breakfast solves a problem. That day towards evening, called the telephone call that hears a young lady. "Toot toot " a few later, transmitted the female voice of mature sweetness: “ is fed, hello! ” addresser hears a young lady just about. Anyway everybody lives in a village, after the phone has been hit, flat arrange village cafeteria interview.

The first time meet, hear a young lady to appear courteous and have demeanor, she is wearing the hat of a pink, appear individual character and halfback. Sit after deciding, she lifts next caps, rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers hair, my this ability looks clear she is quite so modern still, hair a bit incarnadine. As a whole, I am OK to hearing the young lady's feeling to still calculate, if the other side does not have an opinion, I prepare to be knocked at this point calm, anyway two people just live together is not to live together, actually also it doesn't matter is alarming.
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