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The wind,flowers,snow and moon that this one circumstance hires has what who can
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She knows this is a kind of courtship clearly, but do not know wave wave is fastened at this point, did not come back again. I the following day countless mobile telephones that dial him, the mobile phone is closing all the time. I walk into that big house after 10 days, curl up weeps overnight on the bed with that piece of sweet smell. I discover the corner is putting a leather case when early morning, it is the travelling bag that do not take away in wave wave haste it seems that. I hesitated very long open it eventually, I see stunnedly, there is a bunch of money that ties brand new completely inside, I arrive as a child big, never had seen money of so much glaring!

Before coming back south Zheng, I moved this house, but I am handed in to landlord sufficient hire of 3 years. All thing of big house hut former did not move, included to hide the secret case of 1 million cash only then.

Came back south Zheng, my occupy in his home. After getting yearning all the time before quiet life when me, that life becomes again have a bit depressing, have a bit not salty not weak. We still with one one's heart endeavors ground assemble money, hope as early as possible collect is sufficient 100 thousand funds, in order to saves Zheng Na's mother, and before the operation that maternal criterion hope expects hard in this risk, see …… of son happiness get married

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