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Hire room old practice: Hiring the sister younger brother in the room to love is
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[Summary] actually, this is a person is concupiscent the expression in relation of male and female, the creature comfort that he brings covet, what he brings covet is peacockish, but the heart cannot give him however.

Tong Zhuo (alias) outside unlike student, feeling giving a person very profession. Lemon is yellow short sleeve shirt, pants has black on the west iron the trace that has ironed, soft bottom leather shoes, the hair is done very carefully, very handsome.

After he and two friends that come together take a seat together, I spoke my doubt, he is breathed out bright and clearly ah laugh, say oneself are helping father do familial business all the time, often mix socially contact with of all kinds of people, had been used to such attire.

He is compared really mature with age person, even if the amour of a paragraph of failure, also indulge without overmuch ground oneself in paying, analyse oneself however, draw a lesson, look up face tomorrow.

A very long wavy hair is big 3 beginning, in new courtyard student union changes pitch on, I achievement is outstanding became chairman of courtyard student union. The organization wants to see the New Year in in the courtyard literary joint performance, I begin to arrange relevant work. Yan Su (alias) the life that walked into me.

The show needs much dress stage property, my father has a lot of business partners, have one is a dress firm among them, yan Su is the market manager of this company. Yan Su is having a very long wavy hair, wave rises and fall together as her high-heeled shoes commonly.

Very enthusiastic region wears Yan Su I arrive sample library is left carry right anthology. In prattle, I am informed her bigger than me 4 years old, have enterprise very much. What I admire her is spell able, the style quality of satisfactory also dress, the decision rents dress here.

For depress price, I indicated my capacity to her. I tell her, my father and her manager significance is immense, hope she can lower price appropriately.

She is looking me up and down with a kind of very strange eyes suddenly, say not clear it is open-eyed still suspect. Then, she says this she cannot be done advocate, mix director discusses. Very fast, she all over the face smile ground came back, say to be no problem.

After two days, I received her telephone call. After I answered a few questions that exhibit about collecting gradual progress, she asks me suddenly: "What program do you have? "When I tell her I have a solo, she breathes out ah one happy: "Do you think more give prize? I had learned dance before, I will help you be a dancing partner how, it is the redound " that patronizes our company business to you.

"That momently I did not think of too much, face her namby-pamby like honey peach, I assented immediately she. Perhaps, I also am to be in look forward to a kind of new life to change. "Child eminent close lightly close lightly lip, the eyes that Wang Xiangyuan is in begins some rove.
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