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Zhejiang Linhai "one dollar low cost housing" at the end of stay
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Zhejiang Linhai people were called "one dollar low cost housing" is now completed and will be the end of December to stay. The so-called "one dollar low-rent housing" refers to each building area of 39 square meters or 41 meters, the monthly rental payment of 1 yuan per square meter rent low-rent housing. It is located in the seaside village of Ota Piedmont street, near the east frontage road next to the name of the district as "King Lotus home." The construction project was officially started in March 2009, total investment of 14 million yuan. The first 192 sets of completed residential total 10,800 square meters. October 22, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, was the first phase of low-rent housing Fang Hao, a total of 40 sets. It is understood that low-rent housing facilities to improve, indoor bathroom, kitchen, a simple decoration, equipped with stove, vanity and toilet and so on, the house is also connected to the gas pipeline. This year in September, the sea issued a "do piedmont area, Linhai City, the work of low-rent housing distribution in kind," which clearly the first targets of low-cost rental housing, guaranteeing no housing, one to two people with disabilities, 75 aged widows and widowers over the age of revolutionary martyrs and the families lost the ability to five objects. Meanwhile, the mobility of disabled persons and families living alone, to determine by low-floor distribution. According to reports, these low-cost housing will be a "rental card" form, a dynamic management. Linhai proposed low cost housing "shall not be lent, leased or used in operating activities", each year the conditions will lease renewal audit object.