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Public rental to low-income people live more comfortably in the lower
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December 2, in the popular area of the A9 Jiayuan Building 19th floor, a rare winter warm sun, projected on the newly installed windows on the green. If only blink of an eye, the area soon repaired. People Jiayuan a project has 25 buildings, started this year on February 28. Less than 10 months, 25 buildings in all caps, and even has completed 70% of the interior decoration. As early as next year, before the Spring Festival, a project can be completed and accepted the relevant departments of the basic pre-acceptance. Many people anxiously waited. They want to live in this area has long been admired. Because here the volume was only 3.5-4.0,1 / 3 is green, tennis courts, basketball courts and other venues are all available. And at home, in addition to quickly and easily get on rail, bus, there are large supermarkets, department stores, schools, hospitals and so on. More importantly, the district where the house rent, as long as 10 yuan per square meter, is the same location, same quality rental housing to 60%. These are called "public rental" of the building, is the city is concentrating a large-scale building of affordable housing. Up to now, the city built 12 million square meters open. In the "second Five-Year" period, the city must build 40 million square meters of public rental, more than 200 million to resolve the housing problems of low-income people. Built 12 million square meters has been opened Late last year, all through the outer ring highway, marking the city's formal entry into the "outer ring era." Included between the outer ring, the city planning and layout of the 21 settlements. Residents here include the new generation of urban residents, university graduates, foreign workers, new employment groups, low-income residents in cities and other "sandwich layer." The constant increase in house prices, the difficulties can not afford a house become a cross in front of them an insurmountable divide. How to make "sandwich class" housing? December 2009, Bo Xilai, Party Secretary of Chongqing Economic Work Conference, officially open the building plan made public rental. June of this year, the municipal-third plenary session of the introduction of seven "on the livelihood of the people doing the work of the current decision" in the proposed livelihood of housing as a top priority, the establishment of market supply and the Government to protect both the "dual track" housing system, and further defined the "low-end secure, in the end of the market, high-binding," the idea of housing regulation. Strong push in the municipal government, the city public rental items from the blueprint into reality on paper, but an alarming rate --- Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, "people Jiayuan" started. So far, the main city a total of seven public rental projects in full "bloom" and building a master plan over 12 million square meters, exceeding 10 million square meters before the start programs, including Mandarin, Big Bamboo, Hua Yan, West Wing, Caijiaying film Central, West Wing Area Park and tea plantations. The earliest people built Jiayuan open area, the fastest before the Spring Festival next year, can be completed. People expect that these public rental from 30 square meters Bedroom, Bedroom 80 square meters of range. Every household in addition to bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms all have the basic functions, but also brush the wall, laying the tile. Tenant prior to arrival, simply purchase some furniture can be simple again. Meanwhile, the "steward" and "bodyguard" position quickly, rent for the public "escort." This year in July, "Chongqing Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing," began. The same month, the public rental Authority was set up in Chongqing. October, 24 public rental application point address public. December 1, Chongqing public rental information online line operation. Here, people can learn a wealth of public rental information and policies. After receiving an application to be started, the public can apply for public rental online. These details combine to become the kind of public rental Chongqing's "Open House." 3 days covered floor Started with the explosive speed of par, as well as Chongqing, the construction of public rental rate and fast for three days --- floor. In support of the people Jiayuan, only took six months to complete one of six of the cap. "Side of the repair side of the green in practice." Responsible for the construction of the Chongqing Construction Engineering Group, responsible person to explain, the construction of ordinary residential properties, it is usually the main construction of residential buildings are completed after planning green, but in order to more quickly build the public rental , each building's main construction is completed, the surrounding green and underground pipe network and other projects soon to keep up, save a lot of time. Construction, the construction side but also to find ways to "squeeze" time. Step being completed before the next step all the workers had already admitted on standby, "the first step to an end immediately to the next step, try not to delay the time point of convergence." In fact, Chongqing is not the first proposal to build public rental of the city, but it is the first to have such a huge scale of construction of the city. Data show that the construction of public rental, the city invested 8.0 billion a year on average. The source of the funds Chongqing, a unique solution path is unique in the country once again. By City Real Estate Group, "Eight to vote" operation, operating income turned over to the state capital, the city has a "third fiscal." It is mainly used for urban infrastructure construction, such as the construction of public rental principal. At the same time, state-owned enterprises, as owners of public rental, the rent to pay bank interest. Plans to use about 10 years time, in-house "digest" the construction of large capital, that is offset by the profits of the enterprise funds for construction of the outstanding loans. Never named "public" In addition to affordable rents, to apply for public rental threshold is not high. According to the "Chongqing Interim Measures on Management of public rental housing," at least 18 years of age, have a stable source of jobs and income, with the capacity to pay the rent, the city without housing or housing area of urban housing standards than the public, can apply for public rental housing, it is important not subject to residence restrictions. "There is a steady income of migrant workers, also live in public rental." Urban Land and Housing Bureau official explained. It is worth mentioning that, despite the addition of public rental in the inner ring, but the convenience of transportation, but he is not lost to the main level of the core area of the city. In support of the people next to the item of public rental Jiayuan, a connecting Airport Road flyover is being built. Jiayuan overpass bridge named people, is living in public rental for the convenience of the public travel within the district, and deliberately planned. It is located in Northern New Area, Jinshan Area, and the days between the palace, on the eastward extension of Airport Road across Chongqing, community and public rental One way connected. Total length of about 257-meter, four-lane two-way, and strive to be completed by the end of February next year. At the same time, high-density regular bus lines and rail line of some sites 1,2,3,6, are close to a number of public rental program around. People travel up to 10-15 minutes walk to get to these sites. A convenient transportation network and facilities, you can rent you can buy, if you do not want to rent out there are flexible mechanisms. But it is always named "public." According to regulations, the construction of public rental is the main city and district and county governments, property rights belonging to the state-owned enterprises and the county government investment company, "This ensures that the name of public rental is always' public ', so that more people' Home Ownership '. "the official said. Help fund public rental six ministries and certainly by the State of Chongqing Next year, the city's housing fund will further increase its support for the construction of public rental. Reporter yesterday from the Municipal Housing Fund Management Center that currently, the city received the loan fund six public rental project funding, are gradually put in place. The end of July this year, Housing and Urban Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, People's Bank, the Audit Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other six ministries jointly issued a document to determine the city's support for the use of housing provident fund construction of affordable housing pilot cities, and approved 6 apply for public rental housing project for the loans to support the use of housing provident fund construction of affordable housing pilot project. It is understood that the six loans approved by the public fund rental projects are: mandarin duck tour, Big Bamboo group, Hua Yan groups, the West Wing tour, tour and tea Caijiaying group, which received a 30 billion total fund size of loan scheme . Urban Housing Provident Fund Management Center said that recently, the state inspection team composed of six ministries, on the city construction of public rental use of the pilot fund to support the advance of the work carried out checks. Through seminars, access to information, on-site view the project, etc., the inspection team that the public rental housing construction in Chongqing forefront of the country, Chongqing municipal government to solve the housing problems of low-income groups attach great importance to the development of urban and rural areas in Chongqing strategy, the city's housing security needs of the scientific analysis and forecast of the convergence close and extensive coverage of the housing security system. Meanwhile, related departments do their job, work closely together to form a strong force. In addition, Chongqing Housing Fund Center developed a comprehensive loan review, release and follow-up management system, the pilot work in the short period of time has made great progress.