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2946 allocation of low-rent housing units completed
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Housing security and real estate from the City Administration of positive news, as of December 15, the city's low-rent housing Shiwupeizu made a breakthrough has been the actual distribution of 2946 sets of low-rent housing, accounting for the year 3000 mission 98 %, the remaining 54 units are municipal audit publicity stage. In these low-cost housing has been allocated, most have been the actual occupancy. Government commitment to the people at the beginning of the year 3000 to complete the low-rent housing with rent task. As of the end of October, 2464 has been completed the task with rent sets, accounted for 88% of the task, as of December 15, 2946 units have been completed, accounting for 98% of the annual task. According to the municipal housing security and real estate guidance of the Director of the Authority introduced higher good, this 3000 low-rent housing units were located in the city of 8 counties, which, Chengguan District 1254 sets, 290 sets of Seven Mile Creek area, quiet area 301 units, Xigu District 606 sets, 191 sets of Honggu District, Yongdeng County, 144 sets, 104 sets of Gaolan County, 110 sets of Yuzhong County. Completed in 2946 with this set of low-cost rental housing in 1096 accounted for Chengguan District sets, 290 sets of Seven Mile Creek area, quiet area accounts for 405 units, the West region and 606 sets of solid, Yongdeng County accounted for 144 units, Gaolan County accounted for 104 sets, 110 sets of accounts in Yuzhong County, red ancient region and 191 sets. That is, except Chengguan District, the other seven counties have been completed this year's low-rent housing with rent tasks, which, Anning District, also over the task. Have been completed in these low-rent housing with rent, the Chengguan District of 1096 sets of science and education in the city of Yantan 84 sets of 144 sets of high-tech zones, Kyushu Central Park 306 sets 245 sets of Sand Village, Red Hill 217 sets of four villages, Sun Taiwan-100 sets; peaceful area in the peach orchard area 405 sets of 50 sets, 144 sets of factory thousands of miles, Pei Li Square 49 sets, 162 sets in the car Lansing garden; Seven Mile Creek area of 290 sets of people in the area of 250 sets of North Yan, 40 sets of LAN Li Jian Yuan; West 606 sets of solid areas, the elegant new 534 area units, built 40 sets of District Court, District 32 sets of good fortune; the red zone and three counties of ancient low-rent housing in general are concentrated in one district.