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Urumqi rents a house - village of carp pediment garden
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Urumqi - number of rental room source: 12114633 release time: 2008-10-09 10:14:39
The price: 400 yuan
Bedroom: 2 bedrooms
Area: 75 smooth rice
Have village of garden of pediment of a carp one big bedroom is rental, intermediate decorate, can cook, sofa, washing machine, freezer, the home appliance such as cable television is all ready, have a broadband, the handbag can be entered, traffic is convenient, 400 yuan of bags are warm. Need love room, clean and neat, without unhealthy addiction, the person that enter for a long time. Note: Oneself like quiet, had better be lone or one person is entered, had better be a lady. Oneself phone: 13609964949

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