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Urumqi rents a house - the market is faced inside courtyard of family member of
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Urumqi - number of rental room source: 12114670 release time: 2008-10-09 10:21:46
The price: 350 yuan
Bedroom: 1 bedroom
Area: 15 smooth rice
The market is faced inside courtyard of family member of company of red hill daily 3 buildings one cell is rental
1 village environment is favorable, public security is perfect
2 this rooms are wool embryo room, without the sitting room, divide 2 rooms, oneself already stayed in, now the others one rents external, be restricted only one female, the requirement is quiet, clean, life pattern is regular, have proper profession, without unhealthy addiction. (oneself have proper profession, can be at ease)
3 grounds spread the floor board that has lovely pattern, indoor have a bed, sofa, table, chest, take bedding to be able to be entered oneself.
4 natural gas, shower implement, boiler bowl is all ready, can cook directly, use jointly.
There are TV and broadband inside the 5 rooms that he stay in, circuitry of the TV inside hack building already was pulled, need TV of provide for oneself only. Computer line needs to be used after drawing a line. (charge of if use any makes the same score booth)
6 communication are easy, go out to have 2, 51, 52, 50, 909, 109, 525 wait, 200 meters of place have 1, 101, 7, 910, 17, 907, 311, 68 wait. 200 meters of place have large market and supermarket (friendly 100 fill) , go out to shop all right advantage going to work.
A 7 month 350 yuan (the bag is warm) , pay ahead of schedule by the quarter, need not make deposit. Water and electricity enrages smooth booth.
8 requirements live for a long time, least half an year.
9 if can accept above information, can see a room, cherish each other time please, blame sincere not faze, intermediary not faze.
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