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Urumqi rents a house - 140 yuan / lunar water and electricity is warm total pack
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Urumqi - number of rental room source: 12114677 release time: 2008-10-09 10:23:07
The price: 140 yuan
Bedroom: 3 bedrooms
Area: 130 smooth rice
(not be cell rental and be restricted only female) Suzhou Lu Xiaoxi channel stands, capital outstanding supermarket of domestic happy blessing is upstairs oneself house: Available fluctuation shop rents external, , double toilet already installed shower implement, clothbound builds complete wood floor, the day lights gas and kitchen to provide complete, have full automatic washing machine, microwave oven, have broadband computer, and separate study division, seek the chummage of office worker female that accepts woman dormitory form, spread up and down all 140 yuan / lunar water and electricity is warm total package (need additionally to pay deposit 100) , the doorway has a station small channel station falls on the west, below station of court of 305.532.922.536.303 new urban districts) communication is very easy: Content of the house that be apart from the United States sheds garden to stand " 26 " , the railway administration that be apart from iron stands " 2.52.153 " , distance home beautiful is happy, the college of medicine makes an appointment with car Cheng of ten minutes " 701.913, 532 " follow it is OK to be followed phone of connection seeing a room 13579951396 horses elder sister, (not be cell rents, and be restricted only female)

Contact: The complete information that this user releases equestrian elder sister
Contact means: 13579951396

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